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Stavanger is the third largest urban area in Norway and, when compared to some other cities, it can easily be considered as a bit more affordable in terms of hotel accommodation in Stavanger. The city was established in 1125 and a large part of the local architecture comes in the form of 18th and 19th century wooden houses.  The city is considered to be the country’s oil capital and, during the summer, many cruise ships make port here.  Whether you are visiting Stavanger for a day or two as part of your cruise adventure or you are planning on booking in at one of the lovely local Stavanger hotels, apartments or bed and breakfasts, there’s certainly plenty here to keep you entertained.

Things to do in Stavanger

With so much to see and do in Stavanger, each new day will have you leaping out of your bed and rushing out from your Stavanger hotel room to greet the new day. One of the most famous sites of all is the “Preacher’s Pulpit”.  This flat topped crag is almost 2,000ft above the water and can be reached by road and ferry.  You will also need to be prepared for a 2 hour walk but it is really worth every bit of effort.

The Stavanger Cathedral is a famous historic and religious site and the exterior as well as the interior are absolutely fascinating.  As with many other old buildings and churches, there is clear evidence of multiple styles in architecture from Romanesque to Gothic. The Breiavatn is a small lake located in the centre of the city.  From your accommodation in Stavanger make your way to Kongsgård (the former Bishop’s Palace) and enjoy relaxing in these beautiful surroundings.

Shopping, events and entertainment

For some great local shopping, if you are staying in central Stavanger accommodation make sure that you visit the local market square.  It is located just Northwest of the Stavanger Cathedral and, with its open air stalls, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the local culture while enjoying some fine weather. If you are in the market for the latest in skiing and other outdoor sports equipment, then don’t miss out on visiting the Norrona Concept Store.  It’s a relatively new store and stocks the very latest in sporting goods.

The city plays host to several fun festivals and annual events.  If you hope for your visit to coincide with events like the Gladmat (international food festival) or the Stavanger International Jazz Festival, then you should make sure that you book your flight, Stavanger accommodation and make all the necessary travel arrangements well enough in advance.  This will allow you more than enough time to choose the best possible Stavanger hotel deals and possibly even benefit from discounts on your hotel accommodation in Stavanger.

The Stavanger Concert Hall regularly hosts various events and is arguably the most popular venue in the city.  Alternatively, you can always visit one of the many bars, restaurants or cafés to keep you busy well into the early hours. The prices in Norway are sometimes considered to be fairly high.  However, they aren’t far off from the usual prices throughout Europe.