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Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway.  It is also governmental and economic centre of the country and its history can be traced back to around 1049 AD.  Today, with over one hundred options in Oslo accommodation, various specialised city tours, world class attractions and fabulous shopping, this is one city that really has it all!  Since there’s so much to see, do and buy, tourists are advised to search for the cheapest hotel accommodation in Oslo and the best hotel deals online.  By choosing the perfect place to stay, you can afford to spend more on the extra things that make your holiday complete.

Top Oslo attractions

Whenever visiting a foreign country, or even just another city within your home country, it’s usually a good idea to do a bit of research online and find out just what makes that city tick.  Make a list of all your favourite activities and sights based on your personal preferences as well as those of your fellow travellers.  By planning your trip just right, you can enjoy fun filled days that will ensure minimal time spent in your hotel room in Oslo.

If you are taking the family and plan to stay in Oslo, then for a fun activity suitable for all ages, make your way to the Fram Polar Ship Museum.  This museum is filled with life size ships, Arctic artefacts and so much more.  A walk through this museum is as entertaining as it is educational and is particularly beneficial for the kids.

If it’s an out of the way retreat you seek, then head straight for Nordmarka.  Take your time here to take in all the wonders of nature that surround you and keep your eyes open for any native wild animals.  The forests, ski areas and hiking trails in these parts make for a fun day out an about.

If you would much rather sit back and relax while taking in the best Oslo scenery, then hop on board the Bergen Railway and enjoy a ride on one of the most scenic railways in the world.  With the conductor in control, you are free to look around, take photos and relax your feet as you absorb the superb sights.

Save your trip to the Oslo Fjord for a clear day.  When the sun is out and the weather is fine, the views are absolutely breathtaking.  On an overcast day it is still a lovely place to visit but your view of the fjord will not extend quite as far.

Shopping, nightlife and everything in between

The Aker Brygge is an old shipyard that has be converted into a shopping centre.  Even if you don’t choose to purchase anything here, it is still a wonderful place to visit and enjoy a leisurely stroll.  While in the harbour area, be sure to stop by the Akershus Castle and Fortress as well.  The 14th century medieval castle has really stood the test of time and gives great insight into the history of the city of Oslo and Norway in general.

For some of the finest in local cuisine, make sure that you visit Mathallen Oslo and, if you are craving something sweet, the Freia Sjokoladefabrikk is where you want to be!

The locals in Oslo also know how to have fun and you will find no shortage of bars, pubs, restaurants and other such establishments throughout the city.  However, if you are looking for more of a relaxing night out, there are several entertainment venues to choose from.  The most popular of which being the National Theater and Aulaen Hall.  With so much to keep you busy day and night, you can be sure that your hotel room is bound to get pretty lonely!  Book online and choose the best hotel accommodation in Oslo or the best accommodation deal.  Remember: the more you save on your hotel bill, the more you get to spend on food, shopping and fun!