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Lillehammer is probably one of the most scenic towns in Norway.  Surrounded by mountains and overlooking part of lake Mjosa and the river Lagen, there’s a fine view no matter which direction you look.  Compared to the rest of Norway, Lillehammer’s history is somewhat shorter and settlements here date back to the Norwegian Iron Age.  That said, there’s certainly no shortage in different forms of hotel accommodation in Lillehammer.  Visitors can take their pick from Lillehammer hotels, motels, apartments and even cheap accommodation like hostels. 

Family attractions in Lillehammer

If you have ever travelled with children, you will know just how important it is to cater for their needs as well as your own.  Travelling with kids means that you need to think carefully about everything from your Lillehammer hotel accommodation and flights, to activities and meals while on holiday.  The good news is that Lillehammer really does cater for the whole family in every sense and there are a number of activities that will keep the kids happy and entertained.

Hunderfossen Family Park is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country.  It features a fantastic fairytale castle, a high ropes park, a racetrack and much more.  Nearby, you will also come across the Children’s Farm where the kids can interact with animals and enjoy farm activities.

The Lilleputthammer Family Park is perfect for the young and young at heart.  The park features trains, boats, cars, a Ferris wheel and even a roller coaster.  One of the most popular features is Ola’s Frog Leap.  Children particularly enjoy the obstacle course, climbing tower and trampolines.

Other things to do in Lillehammer

While in Lillehammer, you are bound to spend much more time out and about than cooped up for too many hours in your hotel accommodation in Lillehammer.  Once you’ve had a good night’s rest, a delicious breakfast and freshened up in your own private en suite, there’s nothing holding you back from dashing out the door and embracing each day with increased enthusiasm.

When on holiday in a place like Lillehammer, it’s easy to forget about all your “real world” troubles.  Walking around this town will make you feel as though you are in a fairytale of your own and a new adventure awaits around each corner.  Even the local museums feel more like fun than learning!

Take the Maihaugen Open-Air Museum for example.  As you walk through the entire area, it is like taking a trip through time and experiencing first hand the local history according to a visual timeline.  With everything right before your eyes, this tangible form of learning is as entertaining as it is beneficial.  Not to mention all the fresh air and sounds that you will be able to enjoy as you stroll around.

If you take a slow walk down Storgata Street, located in the heart of Lillehammer, you will be able to enjoy a close up look at the wooden buildings that make this area so famous. 

A visit to the world class Olympic Park is also not complete without making your way to the Lysgardsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena.  The view from the ski lift and ski jumping tower is incredible and you can really get a full panoramic view of the town and surrounding areas. 

It is also interesting to note that Lake Mjosa is the largest lake in Norway and it is one of the deepest in Europe.  There’s not much water traffic on the lake today apart from some leisure boating and the steamship Skibladner.  Most of the shoreline is greeted by farmlands and the area has remained relatively untouched which only adds to its beauty and appeal if you are staying in Lillehammer.