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With over a thousand hotels, motels, apartments and other types of accommodation in Norway to choose from, the country is clearly ready to receive a regular influx of visitors.  This should come as no surprise too since the country has thousands of sights, attractions and activities to entertain everyone!  The local history can be traced back all the way to prehistoric times and some of the first dwellings have been dated back to 5,000 BC.  This part of the world was also commonly explored by Vikings so you can expect to see evidence of their influence throughout the country.

Experience the beauty of Norway

It’s no secret that Norway is one of the most beautiful places to visit and the many natural sights throughout the country can attest to this.  Tourists often marvel at the sight of the northern lights.  While such a phenomenon is a normal occurrence for the locals, those from further down south are rightfully in awe of the night’s sky in Norway.

A popular event during the day is to take a trip on the Hurtigruten coastal ferry.  This ferry takes you on a scenic coastal ride from Bergen to Kirkenes.  The trip takes 5 to 6 days by ferry.  If you were to attempt this trip by land, it could easily take several months to complete.  While staying in Bergen, make sure that you take your time exploring.  This is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and rightfully so! 

For hiking enthusiasts, the Jotunheimen National Park is calling your name!  The trails are wonderfully taken care of and the area is home to a startling 60 glaciers and 275 summits that exceed 2000m. 

If you enjoy the feeling of remote locations and the view of ice fields and mountains piercing the sky, then Svalbard is for you.  Despite the remoteness of this location, it is quite easy to access and visitors can enjoy the sight of a vast collection of local wildlife.

The Oslo-Bergen rail line is another great way of getting around while taking in some of the most scenic parts of the country.

Important travel tips when visiting Norway

Just like any other holiday away from home, your trip to Norway requires a fair amount of planning beyond searching online for the best Norway hotel deals or cheapest accommodation in Norway.  You also need to take into account the local weather conditions and how they may affect your trip.  Take the right clothing along with for your holiday.  The local weather has a way of catching you off guard so it’s a good idea to pack for four seasons just in case.  If you intend on renting a car in Norway for some scenic drives, you should also take note of any road closures due to weather conditions.

If you want to save money while shopping in Norway, make sure that to look out for the “Tax Free” logo.  Some of the best items to buy while you are her include knitted sweaters, watches and jewellery.

The country also offers various forms of transport and you really can take your pick in terms of getting to Norway and getting around.  Some cruise lines include Norway on their itinerary if you are interested in a quick visit.  If you stick around for a few days or weeks then you will find that the local trains, buses, taxis and rental cars in Norway are some of your best options.  Your choice will obviously depend on your budget.  It is also good to remember that there are plenty of online hotel deals in Norway.