Grand Canal (Venice)

Hotels in Venice, Italy

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is a truly unique location for couples and families alike.  The best hotels in Venice, bed and breakfast and apartments in Venice offer spectacular views of the city and water transportation systems.  No matter whether you choose to stay at one of the cheap hotels in Venice or hire a suite in luxury hotels in Venice, it is likely that you will be kept busy and out and about from sunrise to sunset.

Top Venice sites

The Grand Canal is a sight that you will inevitably encounter when you visit Venice.  So, why not indulge in a gondola ride?  Take in the sensational views of the city and its fascinating structures as you are guided down the calm waters to your destination.

For a truly spectacular architectural sight, make sure that you visit Palazzo Ducale.  Its Gothic design is what attracts so many visitors and, those who enjoy this site also enjoy visiting places like the St. Mark’s Square Museum, Doge’s Palace and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale.  Visiting all of these places will give any visitor a well-rounded and balanced experience and cultural understanding of this fabulous city.

The Torre dell’Orologio is located in St. Mark’s Square.  This amazing clock was built in the 14th century and depicts the time, phases of the moon and the sun’s movement.

Art and religious sites in Venice, Italy

St. Mary of the Friars was originally built back in the 13th century and holds great artistic, historical and religious importance.  It is home to many Venetian Renaissance works of art including Giovanni Belliini’s “Madonna and Child with Saints”. 

Saint Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) was consecrated in 832 A.D.  This wonderful church is the perfect example of Eastern and Western Venetian architecture blended together.  It was built to hold the remains of St Mark and this is what makes it an especially popular location for believers.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is a fascinating display of various forms of Venetian art.  They are from different eras including Renaissance, Gothic and even some glass work.  Most of the works of art on display are from the Guggenheim collection and includes various traditional pieces too.

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