Piazza Costello in Turin

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Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region in Italy and it plays a major role in business and cultural sectors.  It is most famous for its fantastic art galleries, palaces, churches and structures that vary in style according to baroque, rococo, Art Nouveau and other architectural designs.  For chocolate enthusiasts and anyone with a sweet tooth, planning your trip to Turin in time for the two week chocolate festival will delight the senses.  The most famous of all the local chocolates is Gianduiotto and it has proven popular since 1865.

A visit to this lovely Italian city will mean searching for just the right hotel, apartment or other form of accommodation.  The choices in Turin vary from five star luxury facilities to basic hostels.  No matter your budget and requirements, you can run a quick search online according to all your preferred criteria in order to find the best hotels in Turin.

Historic Turin sights

The city has everything from religious sites like the Santuario Basilica La Consolata to gorgeous parks such as the Parco del Valentino and plenty of speciality museums to satisfy everyone’s interests and curiosity.

The religious sights are of great importance due to the strong religious influence in the city and Italy as a whole.  Casting your eyes on superb architecture like that of the Basilica di Superga is enough to take you back in time and admire the genius that it took to achieve such perfection.

Things to do in Turin

Cheap and free sights are plentiful in Turin.  For a fun day out without spending a small fortune, take a walk around Piazza San Carlo.  It was designed in 1642 and completed in 1650.  The 1838 equestrian statue of Emanuele Filiberto is located at the centre and there are a number of restaurants and bars where you can rest your feet, take in the view and enjoy a refreshment and meal or even just a light snack.

If you have booked a rental car in Turin, you can make the most of it by enjoying the Colline di Torino scenic drive.  Alternatively, there is a tram that can take you along this breathtaking route.  Many opt for the latter since it allows all travellers to take in the views without having to focus on the road.

Remember, if you need to stick to a specific budget when going on holiday, making your plans and Turin hotel booking online will help keep you on track.  Some of the best Turin accommodation deals are available online and you can plan your entire itinerary by conducting in depth research online too.