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Where to stay in Taormina, Sicily

The cosy little town of Taormina is located on the beautiful island of Sicily, Italy and has been a popular location for tourists since the 1800s.  This area was inhabited long before the Greeks made their mark and is still abundant in historic sites such as the Greek Amphitheater (Teatro Greco) that dates back to the 3rd century BC.  It was initially used as a theatre with an orchestra in the centre but was later converted into an amphitheatre where gladiators would battle wild beasts.  With so much history, culture and famed attractions, it’s no wonder that Taormina has such a thriving tourism industry and so many luxury hotels as well as cheap accommodation to cater for various travel budgets.

Cheap hotels in Taormina

A quick search will reveal a number of affordable hotels in Taormina.  For travellers on a tight budget, skipping out on some luxury amenities can really help reduce expenses.  In addition, there are a number of great cheap and free activities in Taormina to keep you well under budget without sacrificing on fun!

A favourite among locals and visitors to Taormina is a day at the beach.  Isola Bella, Playa Sole Luna  and Mazzaro are just some of the most popular local beaches.  Mazzaro Bay can be reached by cableway and it is home to one of the best beach resorts in Taormina.

Other cheap days out can be enjoyed at Parco Comunale di Taormina where you can enjoy the soothing effect of nature as you walk around and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Take a walk along Corso Umberto and you will soon reach Piazza IX Aprile.  This beautiful square offers superb panoramic views during the day and, at night, it transforms into one of the most romantic locations you have ever seen.  The local churches and old buildings are all lit up and the restaurants have outdoor dining so you can enjoy the view and your meal at the same time.

Booking accommodation in Taormina online

One of the best ways to book your holiday accommodation is by doing so online.  Not only can you compare all the different hotels, apartments and hostels in Taomina, but you can check out rating, reviews and the location of each establishment.

Online hotel deals in Taormina will help save you money so that you can enjoy more of the local sights and entertainment.  The local theatres and opera performances are a great way of enjoying some true Italian culture.

Religious sites like Cattedrale di Taormina are also amazing to behold and it’s important to understand the area’s strong religious beliefs as well as how they affect the culture and daily lives of the locals.

No matter what your travel budget may be, the accommodation options in Taormina vary so that everyone can afford to enjoy themselves in this romantic paradise.  Many of the attractions and sights are free to view and, most of all, it’s the ocean and long romantic walks that create the most meaningful holiday memories.