Cliffs of Moher-Ennis

Where to Stay – Hotels in Galway, Ireland

With all the popular sights and activities in the area, the hotels in Galway are always popular with tourists.  While the hostels in Galway offer cheaper forms of accommodation, the apartments to rent in Galway are obviously more expensive.  Lucky for visitors, with bed and breakfast in Galway as well as boutique hotels and apartments; there are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation in Galway.  So, no matter your budget, you will surely find something suitable.

Scenic points in Galway

The Connemara National Park is filled with unimaginable beauty.  The mountains and changing views filled with colour is a real treat for the senses.  There are a number of hiking trails and, depending on your experience and fitness level, some are more challenging than others.  There is also a small museum that tourists enjoy visiting.

Ireland is famous for its horse culture so what would be more fitting than a ride in this lush, green part of the world?  If you prefer something a little less energetic, perhaps you could take a trip to the beautiful Cliffs of Moher-Ennis.  Watching the powerful waves pounding against the rock face is a truly humbling experience.

The Salthill Beaches are also worth visiting and a walk along the promenade is both invigorating for individuals and romantic for all those couples seeking an escape from the usual daily chores. 

Popular Galway city sights

As far as beautiful structures are concerned, the city is filled with plenty of sights that will keep you out of your hotel in Galway.  A summer evening stroll along Quay Street is the perfect way to enjoy the local activities.  Within these lovely surroundings, you can stop off and enjoy a drink or a meal before continuing your walk and eventually, reluctantly heading back to your room.

The Galway Cathedral is a superb structure in itself.  Along with the fantastic architecture, visitors stare in awe at the beautiful and magnificent stained glass windows.  Another popular religious site is St Nicolas’ Collegiate Church.  It’s located in the heart of the city and its medieval design is due to its construction in the early 1300s.

Other popular places to visit in the area include the Galway City Museum and the Galway Atlantaquaria.  They will give you a wonderful understanding of the history and ocean life in the area. 

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, the Dunguaire Castle’s Medieval Banquet awaits!  The perfectly themed entertainment and meals fit in well with the location and this is a fantastic opportunity to get a hands on experience as far as history is concerned.

 When deciding where to stay in Galway, remember that an online search of all the hotels in Galway, Ireland, will reveal some great Galway hotel deals on the best hotels in Galway.  Cheap hotels in Galway city centre are always in high demand so an online booking should be made in advance to avoid disappointment.