Mike Rockenfeller qualifying in an Audi at Zandvoort

Hotels in Zandvoort, The Netherlands

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Located in the province of North Holland, Zandvoort is one of the top beach resorts in The Netherlands and is certainly geared up for tourism.  It is interesting to note that this once small seaside village was mainly dependant on fishing as its main industry until the 19th century.  Following the successful transformation of various similar towns in the UK, Zandvoort took the necessary steps in order to turn itself into a popular resort town just like those in other parts of the world.  This transformation helped attract people of great importance like Elisabeth of Bavaria and Zandvoort continued to grow ever since.

Thanks to its thriving tourism industry, the various hotels in Zandvoort are able to offer high quality service at affordable prices.  Sure, there are some luxury options that carry a higher price tag but there are also many cheap hotels in Zandvoort that will take very good care of you.

If it’s a cheap holiday in Zandvoort that you are looking for, the savings don’t just apply to your accommodation.  You can also save by choosing the right activities and spend some of your days simply enjoying the beach and walking around town.

Things to do in Zandvoort

There are more than enough restaurants, bars and ice cream shops to choose from as well.  Alternatively, if you are planning a day at the beach, you can always do some shopping at the local supermarket and make your own lunch rather than dining out.

Walking, cycling and various water activities are popular among the locals as well as tourists.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can sign up for some paragliding or even kite surfing.

Car and racing enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to the famous Zandvoort Circuit. Check the local listings to find out the race schedule and book your tickets at the circuit in advance as well.

While in Zandvoort, you can catch the train to Amsterdam if you like.  The trains depart every 30 minutes and will take you to Amsterdam’s central station with a couple of stops in between.  Some train routes are direct while others may require a change at Haarlem.  Alternatively, if you prefer, you can take the bus from Zandvoort to Amsterdam but it does generally take a bit longer than the train.  If you enjoy variety, you can take the train there and catch the bus back for a change of scenery.

The shops in Zandvoort sell everything from antiques and beach items to speciality foods like locally made cheese, pickles, meats and more.