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Dom Tower in Utrecht

Utrecht is home to the largest university in the country and also boasts a number of structures that date back to the early middle ages.  Since the 8th century, Utrecht has been considered the religious centre of the Netherlands.  With all these factors in mind, it’s easy to understand why so many locals and tourists visit Utrecht on a regular basis.  The best hotels in Utrecht, Netherlands are relatively fairly priced when compared to international rates.  However, the cheapest option would quite obviously be to book in at one of the hostels in Utrecht.

Top local museums in Utrecht

The Museum Speelklok (National Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement) is a fun and interactive museum that the whole family can enjoy.  There are essentially three parts to this museum and the storytelling is especially great for the kids.

The Railway Museum (Het Spoorweg Museum) is another wonderful speciality museum that shouldn’t be missed. Get a close up look at the history of the local railways and the old trains.  This is as fun for adults as it is for the kids so don’t miss out!

For a look at some religious inspired art, visit St. Catherine’s Convent (Museum Het Catharijne convent).  The museum details the history of Christianity in Holland and the structure itself is a beautiful sight.

Things to do in Utrecht

Many visitors and locals recommend visiting the Grachtengebied from your hotel in Utrecht.  This old part of Utrecht is fascinating and a stroll by the canal is as relaxing as it is romantic.  There are plenty of pubs and restaurants in the area so you can give your feet a rest whenever you are ready and enjoy a drink or even a meal while enjoying the local atmosphere.

For anyone looking to enjoy a spectacular view of the city, make sure that you visit the Dom Tower.  Many tourists opt for a guided tour so as to really appreciate the historical importance of the tower and its surroundings.

If it’s old structures that fascinate you or history in general, don’t forget to check out the local castles.  Slot Zeist and Slot Zuylen offer a real treat for the eyes in the line of architecture and well-maintained gardens. 

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