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The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland and the government seat in the Netherlands.  It is also the fourth most important centre for the United Nations and a major contributor in terms of international law and politics.  The city was established in the 13th century and numerous old structures of the time are still standing and even still in use today.  The old Ridderzaal (Knight’s Hall), which forms part of the Binnehof, is still used for important events like the annual speech from the throne by the Dutch monarch.  The building is one of the most popular local tourist attractions and has very important historic importance.

Where to stay in the Hague

It’s important to do some shopping around before deciding where to stay in the Hague.  The city has plenty of different types of accommodation to offer so finding what you want shouldn’t be too difficult.  To make life that much easier, you can save both time and money by booking your hotel online. 

An online search will also reveal all the top attractions in the city like the Peace Palace.  When visiting the Peace Palace, make sure that you also visit the World Peace Flame, take note of the magnificently constructed gates and, if in season, the flowers blooming in the surrounding garden too.

If you particularly enjoy walking through green areas like gardens and parks, then a visit to places like the Clingendael Park – Japanese Garden or the Westbroekpark is an ideal way to spend at least half a day.  The fresh air, green surroundings and peaceful environments are perfect for family walks and romantic strolls.

Things to do in the Hague

A popular activity for tourists visiting any great city, is the chance to view it from above.  The Hague Tower makes it possible to do just that.  It is Holland’s highest accessible building and, if you want to enjoy a meal at the country’s highest restaurant, make sure that you reserve your table well in advance.

There are many architectural sights and museums to visit during the day.  As for the evenings and nights, there’s no shortage of entertainment either.  There are a number of world class local theatres, the Omniversum, restaurants and bars.

For true family fun, don’t miss out on the local aquarium and visit Drievliet, the local theme park.  These are places where fun for all ages really is the name of the game and it’s the best way to entertain the youngsters too. 

The Hague might be an important political and economic centre of the country but they have certainly not forgotten about the well-being of their local residents and visitors.  This city has gone out of its way in terms of entertainment, culture, education and hospitality.  When booking your next holiday, the Hague should be at the top of your list.