Keukenhof Gardens near Noordwijk

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The town of Noordwijk is located in the west of The Netherlands and its history dates back as far as 2000 BC.  In 847 a Scottish Benedictine monk, Jeroen, arrived in Noordwijk.  His mission work and the construction of a chapel were at the top of his agenda but he met his end just 10 years later by the Normans.  In 980, a Roman Chapel was built in his honour and was later replaced by a large stone church in 1303 and is fondly called Oude Jeroenskerk.  Fishing was always one of the top local industries and, if you fancy seafood, then you will love the flavour of freshly caught haddock, cod, herring and other local fish.  If you enjoy preparing your own meals for most of your holiday and only eat out on occasion, make sure that you book a self-catering apartment, hotel or other vacation rental in Noordwijk.

The locals are extremely hospitable, friendly and helpful.  So, whether you choose to stay in a low cost hotel or a luxury establishment, you are sure to get nothing less than the best service. Depending on your specific needs, visitors can choose where to stay in Noordwijk from hotels, apartments, villas and more.  Hostels are usually the cheapest option for those travelling on a tight budget. 

Things to do in Noordwijk

There are also plenty of different places to visit, activities and sights to see during your trip.  Some of the most popular activities include cycling and hiking.  The Dutch Dune offers a fantastic view as you make your way from Scheveningen to the north of Noordwijk.  If you prefer to let a friendly four-legged animal do at least most of the work, horse trails are another great way of enjoying the view without too much effort.

An interesting fact about Noordwijk is that it has been lit at night since 1444.  The locals would light a large fire to help guide ships.  Later, sometime in the 19th century, a wooden lighthouse was built.  In 1921, this wooden lighthouse was replaced by the one that currently stands.

The Space Expo is a great place to visit as a family and it is as much fun as it is educational.  Let the kids learn all about what it’s like to be the first man on the moon and plenty more fun space facts!

The Jan Verwey Natuurcentrum is lovely to visit if you want to experience some of the local wildlife.  Like the Space Expo, this is another family friendly activity.  For those travelling with kids, you will know just how important it is to keep them happy and entertained.

There are also plenty of free and cheap local activities so you can have a wonderful trip without breaking the bank.  A trip to Keukenhof is sure to keep everyone happy for at least half a day.  Start your day with a later than usual breakfast before packing a picnic basket and making your way to these amazing gardens.  Eat lunch and spend a good few hours in the gardens before either heading back to your hotel in Noordwijk or enjoy an evening walk on the beach.  The sunsets are superb and, if the weather is fine, it’s the perfect place to kick off your shoes, roll up your pants and enjoy the soft sand beneath your feet.