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The city of Delft is located in the South Holland province of the Netherlands and is situated between major cities Rotterdam and The Hague.  The picturesque canals and old city centre attracts tourists from all over the world and it is also commonly associated with the famous painter, Vermeer and the House of Orange-Nassau.  William of Orange was the first to take up residence here in 1572 and sadly met his untimely death in 1584.  Since the family’s burial grounds were in the possession of the Spanish, William was buried at Delft Nieuwe Kerk and this was the beginning of a new family tradition that continues today.  The full story of William of Orange can be discovered by visiting the Museum Het Prinsenhof and visitors also flock to the Nieuwe Kerk as well.

Due to the scenic nature of Delft and its historic significance, the city attracts many visitors each year.  Another important factor is the city’s location and, because it is situated between two major cities, it makes for a pleasant pit stop for those enjoying a road trip from city to city.  As a result of the booming tourism industry, Delft hotels and other forms of accommodation are not only plentiful but also quite affordable.  Visitors can take their pick from luxurious hotel suites to basic hostel accommodation and everything in between.  Booking a room at a bed and breakfast in Delft will also give you the opportunity to experience some real Dutch hospitality.

Things to do in Delft

Delft Canal

Just like anything in life, planning your holiday in Delft can all be done online!  From booking your hotel to planning your itinerary and budget, there is no limit to what the internet can help you achieve.  Take a look around and research all the sights that interest you the most.  Art and history lovers might enjoy a trip to the Vermeer Centrum Delft and perhaps even the Oude Kerk where Vermeer was buried.  Although, even if you’re not an art or history enthusiast, a trip to this 13th century church is still worthwhile and the structure itself is an amazing sight to behold.

For a relaxing day out and a fun day for the whole family, a trip to Delftse Hout should be high on your to do list.  This park has everything you can imagine from grassy areas perfect for picnics to swimming pools, playgrounds and boat rides on the canal!  You could easily spend the whole day here without getting bored.

The old city centre of Delft is filled with sights, monuments and old buildings.  Map out your route, make notes of the attractions along the way and guide yourself through this beautiful historic city.  Take special note of sights like the Hugo de Groot Monument, which was built to honour the founder of international law in Holland.

Delft Saturday Market

While in Delft, you should keep at least half of your Saturdays open for a trip to the local flea market.  There is nothing better than taking a relaxing walk as you browse through the various items for sale.  This is a truly authentic experience and the ideal place to pick up some great souvenirs and gifts without paying store prices.

After your morning shopping trip, you will probably feel pretty hungry and your feel might need a rest too.  The good news is that there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, cafés and places to grab a bite to eat so you won’t have to look too far.