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Arnhem is situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands and is one of the larger cities in the country.  Evidence suggests that this part of Europe was inhabited by the Neanderthals many years ago before being developed by more advanced cultures years later.  It is fondly referred to as The Little Hague of the East and is famous for its beautiful parks and green areas.  As with many European countries, the history of World War II can be felt in Arnhem.  One location, the Arnhem Bridge, has become particularly famous.  This is where the Polish and British were to take a stand and protect the city from the advancing Germans.  Unfortunately, their efforts were not enough and they were captured.  In honour of their bravery, the bridge was renamed, the John Frost Bridge after the commander of the paratroopers. 

Choosing where to stay in Arnhem

Finding where to stay in Arnhem need not be a chore.  Travellers can make the most of online searches and online hotel booking services to compare hotels in Arnhem online before making their reservation.  While selecting the right place to stay is important, it is also important to plan all the sights you wish to see and activities that you are most interested in.  Your choice in accommodation in Arnhem will boil down to your needs, preferences and your budget.

Things to do in Arnhem

As previously mentioned, Arnhem is famous for its beautiful parks and the Park Sonsbeek is one of the favourites among locals and tourists alike.  No matter what time of year you visit, you can be sure that this park is well maintained and a lovely place to enjoy a relaxing day out.  There are lush trees, small yet scenic waterfalls, paved walkways and lots more. 

A trip to the Netherlands Open-Air Museum and National Heritage Museum is another great place to spend at least most of your day.  If you visit during the Christmas season, you can be sure that there are even more activities here than usual.  Ice skating, bread baking and traditional Dutch games are ideal for keeping the kids and whole family entertained.

If you are booking your accommodation in Arnhem based on the view from your window, consider an alternative.  Never mind that view when you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride and see the city in a way that you will never forget!

Another great way of exploring your surroundings is by taking a walking tour with a professional guide.  Enjoy sights like the Eusebius Church and the in depth information of a local tour guide. 

Alternatively, you can act as you own tour guide and visit educational sites like the Arnhem War Museum.  Pick up helpful information upon entry and guide yourself through the exhibits. 

One of the best things about your trip is that there are so many cheap and free things to do in Arnhem.  You main expense will be your accommodation and meals.  Some sights are free to access while others have a very reasonable entrance fee and kids often get a discounted rate or free entry to many places.