The Church and Crypt of Ayios Dimitrios

Hotels in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and well-known for its abundance of religious and historical sites as well as its terrifically stunning scenery.  Various forms of accommodation in Thessaloniki, Greece are available to visitors from the best hotels to hostels and apartments in Thessaloniki; and their rates are certainly very reasonable. 

Top attractions and sights in Thessaloniki

There are a number of really interesting and educational experiences to be had in Thessaloniki.  One of which is Insectopia.  It is home to a wide range of interesting insects including ants, beetles, spiders, butterflies and amphibians to name but a few.  Visitors flock here to see these creatures alive and up close.  The experience is just as beneficial for adults as it is for children and it’s wonderful to learn about our fragile ecosystem and the vital role that each insect plays.

The Museum of Byzantine Culture boasts a fabulous display of art and important historical items.  Museums are always the best way to learn about a particular country, city or culture which is what makes them such popular tourist attractions.  The Archaeological Museum in the area has a wide range of ancient marbles, gold and other stones on display with in depth descriptions and information on each one.

To learn even more about the history of the city and how it has developed over time, make sure that you visit the White Tower.  The view of the city from the observation deck will lend itself the perfect spot for some of the most scenic photos of your trip.

Thessaloniki historical buildings and locations

The Church and Crypt of Ayios Dimitrios (Ayios Demetrios) is both a historical and religious site that attracts many visitors each year.  The stunning structure, interior décor and intriguing crypt are certainly worth seeing.

Ayios Nikolaos Orfanos is a little old church tucked away in the streets of Ano Poli.  The lush green surroundings make for a pleasurable trip and the interior is truly fascinating.  Unfortunately, for preservation reasons, no photographs can be taken of the interior but there are plenty of photo opportunities outside.  Other important religious sites include the Vlatodon Monastery (Vlatades) and the Church of Ayia Sofia.

Aristotelous Square and the statue of Aristotelous is located very close to the water and the White Tower.  This is one spot that every tourist must visit and explore.  As you stroll around you will feel the life and energy of the area fill you up.  The warm atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome.

It’s no secret that booking a spot at one of the cheap hotels in Thessaloniki will mean more money for fun in this fantastic city.  So, when deciding where to stay in Thessaloniki, make sure that you look at all the different types of accommodation in Thessaloniki Greece before making your final decision.  The best hotels in Thessaloniki can easily be researched and rooms booked online to find where to stay in Thessaloniki and reserve a hotel, apartment or cheap hostels in Thessaloniki.