The Ancient Greece

Hotels in Athens, Greece

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and, as such, is a place of great historical importance.  Not only is it the capital but it is also the largest city in Greece.  Back in 2004 the city hosted the Olympic Games and this saw a great demand for accommodation in Athens, Greece including hostels, bed and breakfast or self-contained, serviced hotel apartments for rent in Athens.  However, it doesn’t take a massive event to attract tourists to this great city. The hotels in Athens, Greece are always catering for guests from all over the world.

Ancient Greece

You simply can’t visit Greece without experiencing its fascinating ancient history.  One of the top places to visit is Hephaistion.  This ancient temple is one of the very few that have been so well preserved.

The ancient ruins of Parthenon (Parthenonas) is another popular historical site.  This structure had some of the most amazing marble columns and visitors can’t help but snap away with their cameras!  It is important to note that there are specific areas for tourists to enjoy and the boundary ropes should be respected at all times.

Acropolis (Akropolis) is probably the most famous of all ancient Greek ruins.  It’s located in the centre of the city on top of a large hill.  For an even more enlightening experience, make sure that you pay the Acropolis Museum a visit as well.

Of course, who can resist some of that Greek mythology?  The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Stiles Olymbiou Dios / Olymbion) is much like the other ancient temples.  It consists of large pillars and there are also a number of guide signs to keep you informed along the way.

Other attractions in Athens, Greece

Although the city is home to an abundance of ancient structures and temples, there are other fascinating places to visit and activities to be enjoyed.  A trip to Mt. Lycabettus (Likavitos) or Filopappos Hill is a great way to enjoy some of the most beautiful views.

If you enjoy walking through the old streets, you will definitely enjoy visiting Plaka.  This neighbourhood is located right below the hill that is home to Acropolis. 

Visitors flock to Lake Vouliagmeni for a much needed break.  Not only are the natural surroundings simply superb but the volcanic bath is a terrific form of therapy.

With so much to do and see, it’s easy to understand why booking a room at one of the cheap hotels in Athens, Greece is so important.  The more you save on accommodation the more spending money you will have and the more fun activities you can enjoy.  No matter where to stay in Athens, the best deals can always be found online.  Booking your accommodation in Athens online will allow you to make comparisons and read up about each facility before making a final decision to find the best hotels in Athens, a small boutique hotel, or charming bed and breakfast in Athens.  You can also take advantage of important discounts, specials and promotions to obtain cheap hotels in Athens.