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Nuremberg is the second largest city in the German state of Bavaria and it is estimated that the city was founded during the 11th century.  Throughout its history, the city was victim to numerous plagues and felt the direct effects of war.  It was of great importance during the Nazi era due to its central location.  However, after the Nazi’s demise, it also became the location of the international trials held to bring German officials to justice for events of the Holocaust and other war crimes.  It is this very reason that makes places like the Nuremberg Palace of Justice and the Reichsparteigelande (Nazi Party Rally Grounds) such important attractions and memorable for both locals and visitors.  On a lighter note, these are not the only events associated with the city.  The Nuremberg International Chamber Music Festival is a fantastic annual event and the local philharmonic and symphony orchestras host regular shows throughout the year.  These events along with the many local attractions and good hotel accommodation in Nuremberg are what contribute to much of the city’s ongoing success.

The best views of Nuremberg

If you want to get the best view of the city, there is no better place to visit than the fascinating Kaiserburg Nurnberg (Nuremberg Castle).  The castle is strategically located at the highest point of the city.  It gave its occupants the best vantage point from all angles and, today, it gives tourists the best view of the surrounding areas.  The walk to the castle is a bit of a steep one but it is definitely worth it.  There is a fee to enter and you can pay a bit extra for an English guide to take you on an adventure back in time.  The structure is as captivating on the inside as it is from the outside and you can easily spend a few hours here.

The view from the castle itself will allow you to pinpoint structures like the tall Nuremberger Business Tower, St. Lorenz Church (St. Lorenz Kirche), St. Sebaldus Church (St. Sebaldus Kirche) and Opernhaus, to name just a few.

Other memorable things to do in Nuremberg

The local Nuremberg Zoo is a top stop for tourists travelling with children and a trip to the Stadtmuseum Fembohaus (City Museum Fembohaus) is both an interesting and educational experience for all ages. 

If you take a walk around the Market Place and make your way to Frauenkirche, you cannot miss Der Schoene Brunnen.  Its construction started in 1385 and was completed by 1396 but the fountain we see standing today is actually a replica.  The only remaining parts of the original fountain can be found at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum.  Another important note about this fountain is that there is a gold ring fitted to the surrounding gate that can be spun for good luck.

Notes for travellers to Nuremberg

The city of Nuremberg is very well structured and there are a number of different types of public transport.  The tramways are extremely efficient and you can even travel as far as Munich in as little as 1 hour.  If you prefer to do your own driving and travel on your own schedule, then a rental car would probably be your best choice.