Frankfurt am Main

Eastern Row at the Romerberg, Frankfurt am Main

Hotels in Frankfurt, Germany

The city of Frankfurt am Main consists of a mixture of so many different architectural styles.  Over the years, buildings have come and gone.  The sight of old and new structures all mixed up gives this city a phenomenal appeal.  The hotels in Frankfurt am Main vary as much as the scenery around them.  A luxury 5-star hotel in Frankfurt will quite obviously set you back a fair bit more than a bed and breakfast in Frankfurt am Main, self-contained, serviced apartment,   or one of the hostels in Frankfurt. However, the fact that there are so many types of accommodation in the city makes it easy for anyone and everyone to book a suitable room.

Fascinating Frankfurt am Main museums

The Staedel Museum is considered to be the city’s top art museum.  It holds works of art dated back as far as the 16th century. 

The Senckenberg Natural History Museum (Naturmuseum Senckenberg) has an amazing display of dinosaurs from the smallest creatures of that time to the enormous T-Rex.  They also have other displays including a floor dedicated to stuffed animals.

The German Film Museum (Deutsches Filmmuseum) is dedicated to film history and technology.  Visitors can also enjoy certain film screenings.

The Dialog Museum is a truly unique experience.  You are led by a blind guide and have to navigate in the dark.  There’s nothing to see as such but it is rather a way to experience life without the luxury of sight.  As part of the fun, you can use a machine to type your name in braille.  

A visit to the local zoo is also a fun activity for the whole family.  Especially if you have young children travelling with you.  If you are looking for an enjoyable shopping experience, visit The Hauptwache.  Here you can enjoy the old structures and do some shopping all at the same time!

Other interesting Frankfurt am Main sights and activities

The Main Tower is an absolute must!  It is 200m high and allows visitors to get a full 360 degree aerial view of the city.  It really is an amazing experience during the day and at night when the city I all lit up.

Palmengarten (Frankfurt’s Botanic Gardens) is home to a wide variety of plant life including tropical trees, ferns and orchids.  This is a lovely place to enjoy a stroll and take in the natural beauty and fresh air.

Frankfurt Romans (Frankfurter Roemer) has been the site of the city hall since 1405 and it one of Frankfurt’s best known landmarks. 

Other superb structures to visit in Frankfurt am Main include the Old Opera House (Alte Oper), the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Dom St. Bartholomaus), St. Paul’s Church (Paulskirche) and Goethe House (Goethehaus). 

For those visiting the area and still deciding where to stay in Frankfurt am Main, you should most definitely start by looking around online.  Not only can you compare prices and locations but you can also book the best hotels in Frankfurt, find the best deal or search out cheap hotels in Frankfurt, Germany.  Making a booking online will also mean that you can easily secure your accommodation in Frankfurt am Main at an affordable rate. If flying out of Frankfurt, there is also a great choice of accommodation at Frankfurt am Main Airport.