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Not too many capital cities get to see itself stripped of the title like Bonn’s Germany. But given “Bonna’s” tumultuous history from the time it was first settled by the Romans in the first century AD, it wouldn’t be too surprising that it would rank lower in the order of importance after Germany’s reunification.

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Far from being shouldered into oblivion, Bonn is post-WWII Germany’s second most important political seat after the capital, Berlin. Bonn remains the home of several United Nations institutions, second official residence of the president, the chancellor and members of the Upper House, host to one of Germany’s highly-regarded universities. Book online to find where to stay in Bonn and book the best hotels in Bonn, Germany. Bonn also capitalizes the fact that it was the birthplace of Beethoven, although the composer would eventually favour Vienna over his hometown.

Leave whatever baggage, or preconceptions, you have at your bed and breakfast in Bonn, Germany and walk back to early 20th century by following the ‘Path of Democracy’ which will take you to politically important sights when Bonn was the de facto capital of West Germany (from 1949 until a decade after the fall of Berlin Wall).

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If you have enough leg power left, join the Museum Mile walking tour which will bring you to the house of Beethoven, galleries of German expressionists, and Bonn’s museums of natural and contemporary history, among others.

A fitting tribute to Bonn’s two-millennia history is the number of ruins of castles and fortresses scattered around neighbouring towns and within city limits. One of the rebuilt (from a 16th century siege) fortresses is Godesburg, a Baroque addition to the city’s diverse cityscape which includes Rococo (Poppelsdorf Castle, now part of the University of Bonn) and Romanesque (Catholic basilica Bonner Munster) architecture. You can even make the Godesburg Fortress your base to explore the Rhine region as it offers long-term accommodation in Bonn, Germany.

As ruins are usually in the grounds of modern parks and leisure areas, combine history lessons with a soothing break amidst green spaces. Promenade on Alter Zoll on the banks of the Rhine River or sit under the shade with a cold beer in hand, or head south where Bonn borders with Wachtberg to the extinct volcano of Rodderberg where you can look out from a legendary hill, Dragon’s Rock, to the city spread out below.

And what better way to cap off your visit to Beethoven’s hometown than to celebrate his musical genius? While much of the composer’s adult life was spent in Vienna, tomes of his early works are preserved in his hometown, and his music performed in Beethovenhalle by the Beethoven Orchestra.