Heidelberg Castle and Bridge

Where to Stay in Germany

Germany is an outstanding destination for holiday makers, and offers the visitor a diverse and fascinating glimpse of life in Europe.  Regardless of your interests, there will definitely be something for you to enjoy in Germany! 

Hotels in Germany are plentiful and are generally of a very high standard.  You can expect to find cheap hotels in Germany, good-value bed and breakfast in Germany and the full gamut of top-class luxury hotels in Germany, all ready to welcome you with clean comfortable rooms and traditional German hospitality. Your choice of German holiday itinerary and where to stay in Germany will depend on your interests!

Munich accommodation in Germany

Munich is a great city to visit with many attractions, and even more options of where to rest your head at night!  German hotels in Munich range from hostels catering mainly for younger tourists, but also offering excellent value-for-money cheap accommodation in Germany for any visitor on a tight budget.  You can book online for the best Germany hotel deals.

If you are an admirer of beautifully engineered German cars you must visit the BMW factory and go on a tour – it is a great experience for young and old alike.  Try and time your visit to Munich to coincide with the famous Oktober Fest where German Beer is showcased to the world; huge barrels are transported on wonderful horse-drawn carriages and the whole town is in party mode!  Be sure to book your hotel in Germany well in advance if you are coming in October!

Visit Berlin in Germany

Berlin in another must-see on your German vacation!  Come to see how the city has changed since the infamous Berlin wall came down; visit the Jewish Museum (one of the best in the world) and the Holocaust Memorial – a truly moving experience.  See Check-Point Charley and the wonderful Reichstag building and then relax in one of the best hotels in Germany!  Berlin has some wonderful boutique hotels for you to enjoy – try Soho House for a taste of really historical accommodation in Germany, or Ackselhaus for traditional European elegance.

Follow the Rhine through Germany

A great way to see a lot of the country is to cruise up the Rhine, stopping off at a different little town each night – be sure to book your German hotel in advance in summer – this is a popular type of holiday and the hotels in the little towns can be fully booked.  Along the way you will see fabulous old castles and many picturesque vineyards tumbling down to the river. 

Another good way to see the country is to rent a car in Germany and drive, choosing a different hotels or motels in Germany in a different location each night.  You can also do this using the very efficient and clean trains – buy a regional pass with unlimited journeys, and relax and watch the wonderful scenery glide by.  Spend each night experiencing at different resorts in Germany, or fall in love with one and stay for a week!