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Saint Tropez is located in the French Riviera and, before it became a popular seaside resort, it was a popular fishing village and military stronghold.  It was also the first coastal town to be liberated after World War II and the area is filled with a fascinating combination of historic sights and scenic parts.  This part of France is also home to the highly influential Brigitte Bardot who started the “clothes-optional” revolution, popularized the bikini, wider necklines on clothing and more.  The highly luxurious lifestyle of Saint Tropez means that prices can appear inflated.  However, if you need to book your hotel accommodation in Saint Tropez, for example, there are some deals to be found.  The same can be said for recreation and dining.

Beaches and water activities in Saint Tropez

The main attraction in Saint Tropez is its fine beaches.  You don’t need to stay at one of the local beach resorts to enjoy the sand, sun and water.  Both Ramatuelle and Pampelonne offer a number of world class beaches for locals and visitors to spend the day.  The five kilometres of beach in Pampelonne consists of soft sands that stretch as wide as 30 metres.  Guests can also choose between public or private tanning areas and private naturist beaches are plentiful here too.

Each beach is clearly geared up for tourists and aims to keep visitors well entertained for several hours.  Visitors can hire equipment for windsurfing, sailing and canoeing.  There are also places that rent out jet skis, power boats, water skiing equipment and everything you need for scuba diving too.  Whether you are a diehard water sports fan or simply want to take this opportunity to try something new, you are sure to find a fun activity at the beach in Saint Tropez. 

For those who prefer a more relaxing day by the water, sunbathing, slow walks and spectacular views await you here!  Pack your basic essentials for a fun day out that won’t break the bank.

Top things to do in Saint Tropez

A walk around the Saint Tropez harbour is another great way to spend at least half of your day exploring the cafés, boutique shops and watch the boats and yachts.  If you visit the local tourism office, you can buy what you need for a self-guided tour through the area.  Take your time enjoying all the sites and make your way to the Citadel for some of the best views of the area.  The views are particularly lovely around sunset so, if you spend your morning and afternoon in the harbour and make your way up the hill to the Citadel later in the day, you will have plenty of photo opportunities and memorable views.

The Eglise Notre-Dame de l’Assomption is another popular site to visit in Saint Tropez.  The tower reaches fairly high in the sky (above the rest of the surrounding buildings) so it should be quite easy to find when you are in the harbour area.

A visit to Saint Tropez is all about enjoying your time off and truly relaxing.  Take your time walking around and exploring your surroundings and spend as much of your time outdoors as possible.  If you experience a rainy day or two during your say, you can always spend some extra time enjoying a hot drink or meal at one of the harbour cafés or local restaurants.