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Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is one of the world’s main airports and the top destination for international flights to and from France.  Being such a popular and busy airport, it is easy to understand why so many nearby airport hotels and other types of accommodation at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris are always welcoming new guests.  With so much to see in Paris, who wants to waste time looking for a place to stay in the capital and most populous city of France?  There’s far too much culture, history and fun to be had!  Not to mention the convenience of being able to save money on flights if you choose the late night or early morning options.  Being so close to the airport, getting there on time to drop off a car rental at Charles de Gaulle Airport is easy.

Top attractions in Paris

There are literally hundreds of attractions in Paris and whether it’s adventure or romance that you seek, you are sure to find it right here.  Places like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the 1160 Towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral are some of the most obvious and popular attractions in the city.  For the most part, you will need a full day to explore each one of these sights so make sure that you plan your trip and your timing properly in order to make the most of each and every day.

The Arch of Triumph is another well-known feature of the city and its construction started in 1806.  This arch, and others around the world, is a result of Roman culture and its design clearly includes popular Roman architecture and style.  The detail and carvings make this arch a fantastic sight and its size is also what catches the eye. 

For a truly authentic experience and a way of enjoying the local culture to its fullest, simply take a walk around historic places like Boulevard St. Germain and Rue St-Dominique.  The busy streets, people rushing by and well-maintained historic buildings that surround you will allow you to really absorb all the energy of the city.

Relaxing activities in Paris

If all the walking and sightseeing gets too much, there is another great way of taking in your surroundings without too much effort.  As you explore the various historic neighbourhoods and walking areas, you are bound to come across countless cafés, restaurants and other dining establishments.  Take the time to enjoy a meal, snack or glass of locally produced wine out on the terrace.  As you give your legs a break and treat yourself to the famous haute cuisine, you can watch the locals pass you by and plan the rest of your day.

For a nice break from the busy city, visitors and locals often make their way to the local parks and gardens.  Relax in the warm sun at Luxembourg Gardens and nibble on a homemade picnic lunch if you like.  This garden was once only open to royals but, today, it is probably the most popular of all the local outdoor areas in Paris.

If you enjoy the tranquillity of water, then you simply have to make your way to the River Seine and sign up for a scenic boat ride.  Alternatively, if you prefer, you can still take in the sights by walking along its banks.

The best thing about visiting a place like Paris is that any fun or scenic activity can become a romantic one.  So, whether you are enjoying your second honeymoon or enjoying a trip with the whole family, Paris is the city where anything is possible!