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The city of Montpellier is located on the south coast of France, on the Mediterranean Sea.  It is the fastest growing city in France and is one of the very few French cities without any Greek or Roman influence.  The first written mention of Montpellier was in 985 which makes it fairly younger than many other French and European cities.  With this in mind, Montpellier is certainly not lacking in interesting sights, attractions and facilities fit for every kind of tourist.  The accommodation in Montpellier, France is of a high standard and quite affordable too.  Whether you are looking for an apartment, B&B or the perfect Montpellier hotel room, you can find all of the best offers and prices simply by searching for hotels in Montpellier online.

Outdoor attractions near Montpellier

When exploring any town or city, there is no better way to do so than by enjoying a fair amount of time outdoors.  Montpellier has a number of outdoor activities that are sure to keep the whole family busy for the day.

A trip to Pic St Loup is as popular for locals as it is for tourists.  This mountain area is the ideal place to enjoy some fresh air, hiking and stunning natural scenery.  The terrain can be rather rugged and it is a good idea to wear suitable footwear.  In addition, planning your trip is essential in terms of transport.  Make sure that you keep a map handy as well as local bus times and contact details for taxi companies.

Thanks to its coastal location, you can be sure to find a number of beautiful beaches to choose from.  Espiguette Beach is a big favourite and, for many of us, there’s nothing better than spending the entire day enjoying the sun, sand and water.

A day in one of the local parks or gardens is another great way to relax and the perfect place for children to play.  Jardin des Plantes and Domaine d’O are two fine examples and the Parc Zoologique Henri de Lunaret is also entertaining for all ages.

Historic Montpellier sites and interesting locations

The Musee – Parc des Dinosaures is a wonderful historic experience for the entire family.  Not only is this a great opportunity to learn but the outdoor environment means that you can enjoy some fresh air at the same time.

The Chateau de la Mogere is a fabulous 18th century castle which was refurbished in the 19th century.  Of all the historic sites in Montpellier, this is one of the top choices to visit.

Other interesting places to visit include the Pharmacie de la Misericorde, Porte du Peyrou, the Citadelle and Le Pavillon Populaire.

There are also plenty of other things to do in Montpellier such as visiting the Planetarium Galilee or the numerous religious sites like Cathedrale St-Pierre and Basilique Notre-Dame-des-Tables.  A walk around Esplanade d’Europe is a great way to explore some of the most fascinating buildings and immerse yourself in the local culture. Top museums in the city include Musee Fabre and Musee Villa Loupian.  The Aquarium Mare Nostrum is also highly rated and visited regularly by locals and tourists.  When planning where to stay in Montpellier, it is very important to consider all the sights and activities you wish to enjoy.  Book your hotel in Montpellier close to most of these attractions for added convenience and plan your travel budget all at the same time.