Fortress of Chateau d' If in Marseille harbour

Where to Stay – Hotels in Marseille, France

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Marseille is the second-largest city in France and the largest along this coastline.  Due to its prime location, many French tourists go out of their way to visit this fabulous city.  When deciding where to stay in Marseille, location and price are the biggest factors.  The best accommodation in Marseille offers their guests superior service and facilities to make their stay that much more memorable; as well as a range of apartments, bed and breakfast, hostels or cheap hotels in Marseilles.

Top Marseille tourist attractions

Vallon des Auffres is a little harbour where locals and tourists like to visit for a quiet and relaxing break away from the city life.  Take a walk and enjoy the historical architecture and make sure that you stop in at one of the restaurants for a meal while you are there.

Château d’If is an old fortress made popular by the story “The Count of Monte Cristo”.  What once was a fortress later became a prison and, in the 19th century, it was demilitarized and has since become quite the tourist attraction.  Due to its location, it can only be reached by boat.

Two popular creeks to visit are Calanque de Morgiou and Calanque du Sugiton.  For some, it might be a bit of a trek but the views are absolutely breathtaking and well-worth the effort.  Pack a light meal and start out in the cool of the morning.  Nothing beats a picnic lunch surrounded by such natural beauty.

Historic places in Marseille

While the hotels in Marseille France may seem like mighty structures, just wait until you see some of the older architecture that this city as to offer!

Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde is a truly marvellous structure to visit.  Construction of this Catholic basilica was completed by 1864 and it was built on top of the foundations of an ancient fort.  Initially, the purpose of the fort was to serve as a lookout point since its location allows for a clear view of the city.  It is both a religious and historical site which makes it a top attraction for tourists.

La Cathedrale de la Nouvelle Major was built as per the instructions of Napoleon III back in the 19th century.  It can hold 3 000 people and took more than twenty years to raise the money to complete the interior.  Visitors can enjoy the architecture of the cathedral itself as well as the sculptures, mosaics and a stunning sea view.

Palais du Pharo is another popular structure to visit.  It was built as the waterfront home for Napoleon III in the 19th century.  There is a great view of the sea and Château d’If from here. To search for accommodation in Marseille, it is recommended that visitors book online in order to secure a room at the best hotels in Marseille, apartments in Marseille, bed and breakfast or cheap hostels in Marseille of their choice.