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La Rochelle is seaport on the Bay of Biscay and located in western France.  The city has a long history and was first occupied by a Gallic tribe before the Romans took up residence and began salt and wine production in the area.  La Rochelle is also known in history for the strong presence of the Knights Templar.  With such a fascinating history and many sights to see, La Rochelle enjoys a profitable tourism industry.  Accommodation in La Rochelle is fabulously affordable even if you are on a strict budget.  The hotels in La Rochelle vary in star ratings but, if you are looking for cheap options, there are plenty.  Especially if you make your hotel booking online.

Museums and landmarks

In order to really appreciate the history of this wonderful city, tourists regularly visit numerous local museums.  The Musee d’histoire naturelle de La Rochelle, the Musees des Automates / Modeles Reduits (two museums next door to each other), the Musee Maritime and the New World Museum (Musee du Nouveau-Monde) are some of the most popular choices.  Each museum offers its visitors something different and a chance to gain a better understanding of past events and the local culture.

One of the most important landmarks in La Rochelle are the Towers of La Rochelle.  These towers were constructed between the 12th and 15th centuries as part of a fortification plan.

Le Bunker de La Rochelle is another great place to visit and gives its guests the chance to really experience some of the local history.  The bunker was built by the Germans in 1941 and it is now filled with photographs, videos and various objects from that period.

Outdoor activities

When the weather is sunny and fine, there is no reason to stay indoors.  There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy and entertained for hours.  The Plage de Chatelaillon is probably the most popular beach in the area and it’s one of the best places to spend the day relaxing in the sun.  It’s also the ideal place to take a morning or evening walk.

Another great walking and running location is the Parc Charruyer.  The lush greenery, fresh air and relaxing surroundings are ideal for an afternoon picnic and, if you are travelling with children, this is the best spot to let them enjoy a bit of freedom and play time.

A walk around Vieux Port is always entertaining for locals and tourists alike.  Watch the boats, enjoy the view of the ocean and take your time walking around.

Apart from the museums and outdoor fun, there are plenty of other things to do in La Rochelle.  The Aquarium La Rochelle, the Lighthouse of L’ile de Re, the Chapelle Notre-Dame de l’Esperance and the Cathedrale St-Louis are all top local attractions suitable for the whole family.  There are also a number of theatres that provide various forms of evening entertainment.  When deciding where to stay in La Rochelle, you should keep all of these great activities in mind and remember that you will probably spend very little time in your hotel room itself.