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The once small Gallic village has, over the past 2000 years, become one of the most notable cities in France.  It’s location and the size to which it has grown has resulted in the city being referred to as the “Capital of the Alps”.  The local history can be traced back as far as 43 BC and in 286 AD, the Romans built a strong wall around what was then a modest village and transformed it into a strong Roman city.  Today, there are still some remnants of this wall in the city but a vast majority of the wall is no more.  The rich history and many attractions in Grenoble attract tourists from all around the world.  With such a booming tourism industry, Grenoble is also known for its cheap hotels and other types of accommodation.  When planning your trip, a quick online search is all it takes to find all the best hotels in Grenoble and attractions nearby.

The best time to visit Grenoble

Choosing when to go on vacation involves far more than just planning your time off from work.  Flights and hotel accommodation in Grenoble vary in price depending on whether it’s high or low season and local events also attract more tourists to the area.

Grenoble hosts a number of local events including the Grenoble Jazz Festival in March, the Open Air Short Film Festival and the Cabaret Frappé music festival in July.  If you are specifically visiting in order to attend one or more of these events, then you should check the local listings before planning your trip.  Alternatively, if you are trying to avoid the crowds, you should book around these dates and plan your trip so that it does not coincide with any major events of festivals.

The summer time is particularly lovely in Grenoble and there are plenty of outdoor activities including a trip to the Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors.  Spending time outside and enjoying nature is a great activity for those who want an escape from their usual city lives. 

What to do in Grenoble

A fantastic activity for the whole family is a visit to Bastille.  Visitors have the option of taking a gondola-like pod ride up or you can walk if you are feeling energetic enough and if you have the time of course.  Reaching the top will allow you to enjoy some of the best views of the city and the local museum is another fine nearby attraction.

For some of the best views of the area, make sure that you sign up for a trip on the Funiculaire.  This scenic railway route is extremely popular during the summer months and you will most likely encounter a bit of a queue.  That being said, the line moves really quickly and it really is worth waiting for. 

Between the seemingly endless views, superb architecture and plentiful museums, landmarks and points of interest, it is no wonder that Grenoble has made such a big name for itself.  Visitors from around the world agree that they could quite easily visit Grenoble time and time again without any risk of boredom.  So, whether you choose to visit in the summer or winter, this is one holiday that you are sure to never forget!