Fortress of Suomenlinna

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Helsinki is both the capital and the largest city in Finland.  It’s no wonder that, of all the great locations throughout the country, Helsinki is the most recognised.  The city is extremely well prepared to accommodate the needs of all its residents and visitors.  The public transport system includes a network of roads, rail, trams and the subway.  In terms of hotel accommodation in Helsinki, tourists are able to take their pick from over one hundred different Helsinki hotels, apartments, B&Bs, hostels and more.  A simple online search for a place to stay in Helsinki will quickly reveal all of your best accommodation options

Sticking to your budget in Helsinki

Contrary to what some might say, Helsinki is not as expensive as some like to believe.  The key is to know where to spend money and where to keep it safely tucked away in your wallet.  Tobacco products and alcohol are relatively expensive in Finland.  You will even notice that the locals prefer to buy their alcohol elsewhere and bring it in by the crate load.

That said, your Helsinki accommodation and hotel rates are pretty much the same as any other European city.  If you are concerned about eating out, you can always browse around town and check the prices listed on the menus posted outside each restaurant.  Look out for buffet meals where you can eat until your pants can no longer give way.  These places usually offer the best value for money.

In terms of the local nightlife, you will find that bars and clubs with cheaper alcohol usually come with a rather unsavoury crowd.  Instead of trying to save on that glass of wine or fancy cocktail, visit a more expensive spot so that you won’t be bothered by drunk locals.

If you visit Helsinki during the country’s very brief summer period, you should make the most of the fine weather and visit Esplanadi or Alppipuisto Park where you will be able to enjoy some free entertainment.

Some of the local museums, like the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, the Ateneum Art Museum and the National Museum of Finland, offer free admission on certain days. You can also take a walk around the Design District where there are over 100 design related attractions to enjoy.

Top sights and attractions in Helsinki

By saving money with a cheap hotel room in Helsinki, indulging in buffet meals and making the most of free shows and sights, you can afford to spend more on your favourite things. Just about every visitor to this area makes a point of frequenting the Fortress of Suomenlinna.  The fortress is accessible by ferry boat and, if you visit on a Saturday, you will also be able to spend some time in the local market while you’re at it.

If you are staying in Helsinki and want to get around town on your own steam and work off that large lunch at the same time, then how about renting a bicycle and taking in all the lovely sights as you go?  Public transport like buses and trams are great for getting where you want to go but they don’t really let you take in your surroundings as much as a good old bike ride.

The Linnanmaki Amusement Park is always a hit with younger travellers and it gives them a chance to enjoy their kind of entertainment.  For something a little different, you can visit the Unique Lapland Helsinki Winter World where it’s winter all year round!  Enjoy the sub zero weather without any wind and get a good look at the igloos, ice sculptures and activities like tobogganing and tandem skiing.