Frederiksborg Palace

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Copenhagen is both the capital and most populated city of Denmark.  It was originally a Viking fishing village and it wasn’t until 5 centuries later that it became the country’s capital.  The city is as rich in diversity as it is in history.  There are numerous historic sights to visit and you will notice foreign influences in the form of cuisine.  While many restaurants, bars and cafés have local dishes to offer, you can find various kinds of international cuisine at most establishments.  By offering visitors various types of food, plenty of entertainment and affordable accommodation in Copenhagen, the city has made a name for itself in the tourism industry.  There are more than one hundred Copenhagen hotels, hostels, guest houses and apartments to choose from.  Prices vary depending on the star rating of the establishment and this makes it possible for everyone to budget for a trip to Copenhagen.

Top things to do in Copenhagen

It isn’t called the Kingdom of Denmark for nothing!  As you make your way around the city from your Copenhagen hotel accommodation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy such sights as Frederiksborg Palace and Kronborg Castle.  The exterior is as fascinating and captivating as the interior of these fine historic structures.  A visit to such sites will prove both educational and entertaining as history comes to life before your very eyes.

If you fancy a relaxing stroll from your central city hotel in Copenhagen along Langelinje Pier, you will most definitely enjoy the view.  This area is particularly lovely early in the morning and at sunset.  Look for the famous statue of The Little Mermaid while you are here. 

For an exceptional day indoors, make your way to the National Aquarium.  It is the largest aquarium in northern Europe and it has water on every side.  The design was created to give visitors the impression that they are underwater along with the graceful sea life that surrounds them.

In case you don’t know, the city of Copenhagen is known for producing the famous Carlsberg beer.  A trip to the Carlsberg visitor centre will show you just how this internationally acclaimed beer came to be and your tour of the old brewery will include various interactive displays.

Shopping and entertainment in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a fantastic city for shopping.  Particularly if you are interested in the local fashion and upcoming designers.  There are also several flea markets like the ones in Ravnsborggade, Nørrebro, Frederiksberg and Østerbro.  This is a great place to really experience the local culture and shopping experience.  Flea markets are usually very busy so, if you want to be able to take your time to browse and hunt for gifts and souvenirs, then be sure to arrive as early as possible.

The Copenhagen Opera House and the Royal Danish Theatre (Kongelige Teater) are just two examples of venues that regularly host various performances.  Check the local listings to find out what you can look forward to during your holiday and make your Copenhagen hotel accommodation booking in order to comfortably accommodate your favourite shows.

The locals are a lively bunch and you will have no trouble finding suitable entertainment to keep you out of your room for the better part of each day and night.  There are several clubs, bars and similar establishments to choose from.  Just like comparing hotels accommodation in Copenhagen online, you can compare entertainment options online and read the reviews to help you decide which places to visit.