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Located just three hours outside of Copenhagen, Aarhus is the country’s second-largest city and the principal port. Of all the country’s fine cities, if you are a lover of fresh fish and seafood, this is one city you will want to visit no matter what!  The history of the city is believed to date back even further than 770 AD and this makes it the oldest Scandinavian city. Evidence of Viking inhabitants has been found in the form of Viking longhouses which were used as living quarters and work spaces.  The combination of these historic attractions along with more modern entertainment regularly draws the tourists in. The local hotel accommodation in Aarhus varies from hotels and apartments to hostels and other cheap places to stay. By planning ahead and making your Aarhus hotel booking online, you can compare the best rates available and use the money you saved to really enjoy yourself while on holiday.

The best things to do in Aarhus

Every day will present itself as a new adventure when staying in Aarhus. Wake up early, embrace the day and leave your Aarhus hotel room behind until well into the evening or night. As any experienced traveller will tell you, spending too many hours in your room or obsessing over your hair and makeup in the en-suite mirror will only eat into your fun time. Time flies when you’re having fun so make the most of each and every minute!

From your central Aarhus accommodation, a walk through the Old Town is usually the best place to start if you want to learn more about the local culture, history and perhaps meet some friendly locals.  As you arrive in this open air museum, you will feel as though you have been transported back in time.  Take note of the stunning buildings and feel free to take your time as you inspect the fine craftsmanship.

While making your way through the city, be sure to take note of some of the most famous sights and buildings such as the Radhuset (Town Hall), Aarhus Domkirke (Cathedral of St. Clemens) and the historic walking area of Mollestien.

If you fancy a pleasant bike ride from where you are staying in Aarhus, you can make your way to Moesgard Forrest. It’s a wonderful place for the whole family and, if you are not particularly keen on cycling, you can always reach this scenic area by rental car.  The forest signs also indicate where you are permitted to explore on bike and horseback so pay attention to these regardless of how you plan on exploring the area.

During the evenings, you can visit one of the many local theatres, clubs or bars to make sure that you are entertained well into the later hours of the day or possibly even the early hours of the next morning, before making your way back to your central Aarhus accommodation.

Family fun in Aarhus

For those travelling with children, planning your trip takes a lot more consideration.  It’s likely that you will be looking for the best Aarhus hotel deals available and you may not necessarily need the best hotel room or penthouse apartment in Aarhus either. 

Along with finding the right accommodation in Aarhus for your family, you will also need to plan family friendly activities while in Aarhus.  One of the most popular choices is the Tivoli Friheden amusement park.  With different rides for different ages, delicious food, lush green surroundings and entertaining mascots making their rounds, you can quite easily lose track of time here!

The outdoors is particularly interesting for youngsters so make sure that you include a trip to the Marselisborg Havn (the local yacht harbour) and the Marselisborg Mindepark.