A fresco at Euphrasius Basilica Porec Croatia

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The town of Porec might not be a large, busy city but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with its 2,000 year old history.  Thanks to the moderate climate and the wonderfully preserved local attractions, the town manages to attract a steady influx of visitors.  So much so, that the main industry in Porec is tourism and the demand for hotels, apartments and other types of accommodation has helped the local hospitality industry flourish.

Top Porec attractions

Porec has much to offer in terms of sightseeing and outdoor attractions.  With so much to see and do, it’s likely that you won’t be seeing all that much of your hotel room!

One of the most popular attractions in Porec is the Euphrasius Basilica.  Built in the 6th century, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.  As stunning as the exterior is, visitors are strongly encouraged to take their time exploring the marvellously decorated interior.  As you cast your eyes in every direction, you will notice all the hard work and effort went into building and subsequently maintaining this fine structure.

If you enjoy caves and geological formations, then don’t miss out on a trip to visit Jama – Grotta Baredine.  The formations you will see here are truly remarkable and unusual compared to those of other caves around the world.

For an unparalleled view of the city, make your way up the Round Tower.  There is a cafe at the top that serves beverages and, even if it does happen to rain, there are areas that provide perfect shelter.

The Istrian Assembly Hall is a fantastic historic structure with a purpose.  When planning your visit, make sure that you find out about any local events and festivals.  The Istrian Assembly Hall regularly hosts a variety of such event throughout the year so make sure not to miss out!

Other things to do in Porec

As can be expected in a tourist town, Porec’s streets are home to several restaurants, cafes, bars and similar establishments.  Once you have enjoyed a day out exploring, there is no need to rush back to your hotel room. Wander around the streets and enjoy dinner out in the town before calling it a night.

Just like any foreign destination, you might feel overwhelmed in terms of culinary choices.  If this is the case, you should locate a food tour operator in the area to take your taste buds on a tour filled with local flavour.

Other tours in the area include boat trips, romantic city tours, a Parenzana train ride through the tunnels and viaducts or jetski adventures.  Whether you are looking for a relaxing escape or an adrenaline rush, you will find it all in Porec!