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The Croatian city of Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most popular Mediterranean holiday destinations.  Bursting with sites of historical interest and natural beauty, it’s no wonder this city has enjoyed a thriving tourism industry for more than a century.  Known as one of the best preserved medieval walled cities in the entire world and is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.  This city is also very well prepared to welcome the regular influx of visitors.  With hundreds of hotels, apartments guest houses and other forms of accommodation to choose from, tourists really can take their pick.

Unforgettable sightseeing in Dubrovnik

As soon as you arrive in Dubrovnik, you will notice how wonderfully unique this city is.  The well-preserved medieval architecture allows you to gain a clearer perspective of life during these times.  After making their way to their accommodation in Dubrovnik, most visitors are extremely eager to get out and start exploring right away.

One of the top places to visit are the Ancient City Walls.  Access to explore the Ancient City Walls and walk along the walls does come with an admission fee but you won’t regret it!  The views are stunning and, as you walk, it’s as if you are taking a step back in time.  Be prepared for some stair climbing.  There are some ups and downs along the way but, if you go early enough, you can really explore at your own leisure.  There are a number of shops and restaurants within the city walls so you can enjoy a meal, beverage and even shop for some souvenirs if you like.

For Game of Thrones fans, you might recognize Fort Lovrijenac as it was used in the CGI enhanced portrayal of King’s Landing.  This fort has a dramatic location and offers superb views inland and out to sea.  Although the initial structure was completed in a mere 3 months, it was in constant renovations in order to make various improvements over the years.

For the most incredible views, don’t miss out on a trip on the Dubrovnik Cable Car.  It’s not a long ride but the views are indeed superb and even better once you reach the top.  There is a fine restaurant at the top where you can enjoy a meal while you take in the views.  It is also important to note that, even if you do encounter a queue, it’s bound to move quickly since the distance travelled and amount of time it takes to get from one end to the other is minimal.  Frequent trips mean that the queue will move fairly quickly and you won’t need to wait too long.

Other fun activities and attractions

If you are visiting a foreign country and you’re not too sure about where to go, what to see or how to make the most of every minute, then why not sign up for a professional tour?  There are a number of city tour guides that operate in Dubrovnik and you are bound to find several that will either meet you close to your hotel or perhaps even pick you up and drop you off afterwards.

Thanks to the coastal location, other popular activities include kayak adventures, diving, canoeing, rafting and other boating fun.

For those who fancy themselves wine enthusiasts, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some of the products of the Dalmatian wine country.  You can do your own research and ask the locals about their personal favourites when you go out to dinner or you can enjoy a wine tour and get to taste an even wider variety of fine local wines.

If you rent a car in Dubrovnik, you might be up for a scenic drive to get out of the actual city for a few hours.  The E65 is a popular scenic route along the coast with plenty of ocean views.  It is important to plan your drive before you leave since this road does change its name along the way.  If possible, as your rental car company to include a GPS unit.

In terms of restaurants, bars and pubs, you will not be disappointed in Dubrovnik!  While some of the local establishments will seem quite normal and what you would expect, there are those that focus on a particular theme in order to attract a very particular type of customer.  There are bars strictly dedicated to wines, for example, so wine lovers will enjoy an evening here without a doubt!