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The history of the city of Ypres (or Ieper in Dutch) is rather colourful.  From Roman raids during the first century BC to its role as an important battleground between Allied and German forces during World War I.  Several battles took place here and it was also one of the sites that hosted an unofficial Christmas Truce between German and British soldiers in 1914.  As a result of its historic importance, many efforts have been made over the years to preserve the city’s heritage.  With the help of German funds, the city was rebuilt after the war and all efforts were made to restore it to its original state.  This rich history along with the many sights of architectural and cultural importance bring countless tourists to the city each year. The local accommodation in Ypres caters for various budgets and needs.  From comfortable 4 star hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts in Ypres, tourists can take their pick.

Sightseeing in Ypres

There are interesting and inspiring sights through the city of Ypres.  In order to fully enjoy each of these attractions is by planning your trip from start to finish.  Conduct research on each of the sites you plan to visit and map out your adventurous quest through the city.  In many cases, you may find it both convenient and cost effective to sign up for a city tour with one of the local experienced guides, when staying in hotel accommodation in Ypres.

Stay in Ypres town centre and you cannot miss the Cloth Hall.  The original structure was built in the 13th century but it was unfortunately destroyed during WWI.  This is one of the main buildings that was rebuilt with the help of financial contributions from Germany.  It is also important to note that, as of 1999, this entire complex was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another building that was rebuilt after the war was Saint Martin’s Cathedral.  The original building was built in 1221 but, today, has a higher spire than before and is the final resting place of several people of historic and religious importance.

The Menin Gate, which was unveiled in 1927, serves to honour those who fell in Ypres Salient during WWI prior to 16 August 1917 and have no grave.  If you are in the area at 8pm, or staying in central Ypres hotel accommodation, you will notice an important tradition that started back in 1928.  All traffic comes to a halt and the local fire brigade sounds the Last Post to remember the British soldiers who fought and died there.  This practise was only stopped during the city’s occupation by Germany during WWII but was quickly resumed thereafter.

Things to do in Ypres

While making your way through the city, be sure to explore Menenstraat, Rijselstraat and Boterstraat.  These are the main shopping streets in the city and, even if you don’t buy much, it is a great way to really mingle with the locals and get in touch with the modern day culture and trends.

If you have booked Ypres hotel accommodation over the weekend; on Saturdays, you can also visit the Market Square.  The atmosphere is uplifting and it’s a great way to start your weekend.

You will also notice plenty of chocolate shops throughout the city.  Belgium is known for their high quality chocolates and you will be forgiven for putting your diet on hold during your delicious getaway.

For those travelling with children, the Bellewaerde theme park is a great place for the whole family.  It’s one sure way of keeping everyone out of their comfortable Ypres hotel room for several hours without the slightest risk of boredom!