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Hasselt is both a city and a municipality in Belgium.  It is the capital of the province of Limburg and the municipality includes the old city of Hasselt.  Hasselt received city status in 1232 and is home to the Ethias Arena which is the largest arena in the whole country.  This arena regularly hosts world class events throughout the year and, if you check the local listings before booking a place to stay, you should be able to make your Hasselt hotel accommodation reservation accordingly and, if done in advance, you can also benefit from some fantastic deals and cheap hotel rates in Hasselt.

Things to do in Hasselt

The city of Hasselt is abundant in history and culture.  It has managed to maintain its city status for centuries and, while you will notice a number of modern structures throughout the city, you will also be able to spot the older ones.  There is much to see and do here.  So much, in fact, that you most likely won’t be returning to your Hasselt hotel room except to rest, freshen up and perhaps grab a bite to eat.

While making your way through Hasselt, make sure that you visit the Grote Markt.  When visiting a foreign country or city, there is no better way to get a feel for the local culture than by frequenting the most popular and authentic areas.  You will notice a number of old structures in this area like the “Het Sweert” pharmacy which was built in 1659 in the place of a 1452 guesthouse in Hasselt.  North of the Grote Markt, you can visit the Stadhuis which dates back to 1630 and is also one of the city’s defining features.

The local Vismarkt and Sint-Quintinuskathedraal attract both locals and tourists on a daily basis.  The church can be dated back to the 15th and 16th centuries.  As with many buildings around the world, the initial structure is a fair bit older than the additions and modifications that came later.  The Gothic style architecture is prevalent both on the exterior and interior.  Inside, you will also find a quaint yet interesting carillon museum that is certainly worth visiting.

For something really interesting, why not visit the Municipal Fashion Museum when staying in Hasselt?  The clothing on display dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries and is placed in chronological order as well as according to the item’s theme (i.e. bridal wear, underwear, etc).

Entertainment and Hasselt shopping

Apart from the Ethias Arena, visitors and residents can enjoy various performances at places like the Congrestheater.  Again, checking the local listings before booking accommodation in Hasselt and paying for your Belgian getaway. 

According to consumer studies, Hasselt is the cheapest city in terms of brand clothing.  So, if you have booked hotel accommodation in Hasselt and are looking for a particular name brand item, this is the place to get it!  For some great shopping, take a walk down Kapelstraat, Demerstraat, Koning Albertstraat, Hoogstraat and the Grote Markt.  Pace yourself and shop around before making any actual purchases.  It’s good to get a feel for the prices before forking over any cash.

Don’t forget to do some research regarding the local cuisine so that you know exactly what to expect from the local restaurants, cafés and other dining establishments.  Popular dishes include Charcuterie (a kind of smoked ham), bloedworst (a sausage made from meat or blood mixed with breadcrumbs) and Tarte au riz / Rijstevlaai (a pie with a rice pudding type filling).  The local beer, chocolate and waffles are also worth trying during your stay in Hasselt.