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While you probably already know that Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, when you hear the name, you also can’t help but think of those mini cabbage-like vegetables called Brussels Sprouts.  The precise origin of these tiny leafy green veggies is unknown but it is believed that the area we know today as Brussels does indeed have something to do with it.  Apart from these delightful tiny green bundles of flavour, Brussels (and Belgium in general) is famous for its high quality chocolate and wide variety of locally made beer. 

No matter where you stay in Brussels, you will surely be able to take a break from walking around and satisfy your sweet tooth or quench that thirst at one of the many local pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés.  With the lovely architecture there to keep you company and numerous fascinating sights to see in the city, you can be sure that your Brussels hotel room will really only be used for a few hours of rest and getting cleaned up before you hit the town for more exploring.

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While you could book yourself into the penthouse suite or a luxury apartment in Brussels, there may just be a better way to spend your holiday budget.  Make the most of the many money saving Brussels hotel accommodation deals online and use the cash you save for extra entertainment and shopping while in Brussels.

One of the best ways to get the most out of any city filled with attractions is by going on an actual tour.  Not only does the tour guide know where each top attraction is located but they also know the best way to get there while providing you with some interesting local tales and historic accounts.  In many cases, a tour of the city will wil pick you up from your central hotel accommodation in Brussels.  A tour will also allow you to become familiar with your surroundings and it will take you to places like the famous Grand Place and hopefully the spectacular St. Michaels’ cathedral and the national basilica of Koekelberg, which is one the most highly distinguished churches in all of Europe.  Depending on your personal interests, you should select the tour that best suits you and your budget.  Different tours take different routes but they almost always have a full itinerary on display on their website.

Sightseeing in Brussels

Belgium is also known as the Kingdom of Belgium and The Royal Palace (Palais Royal) is an amazing sight to behold.  The building overlooks Brussels Park and is open for public visitors during the summer months.  You can also tell if the King is in the country if the Belgian flag is flying above the Palace.

Another fine example of the architectural wonder of this city can be seen at the local Town Hall.  Visitors can join tours of the interior and view the fine art and old tapestries that line the walls.  Even at night the Town Hall is a popular attraction.  From your hotel accommodation in Brussels take a walk past it in when it is all lit up and you won’t be able to resist taking several pictures.

The Galeries St Hubert was built in 1847 and it was the very first shopping arcade in Europe.  Here, you will find several cafés, restaurants and luxury stores.

The city also has plenty of evening activities to ensure that your Brussels hotel, apartment or guesthouse room is the furthest thing from your mind.  The Royal Theatre Toone is known for hosting top class theatrical performances while La Monnaie is the place to go for a night at the opera.  For something a bit less formal, you can take your pick of bars, pubs and clubs for a late night of music, fun and a chance to get better acquainted with the locals and their local beverages.