Salzburg, Austria

Hotels in Salzburg, Austria

Accommodation in Salzburg in the Austrian Alps

There’s nothing more beautiful that an alpine setting, is there? Snow capped mountains, beautiful old buildings, and a truly laid-back and entirely natural atmosphere. Salzburg is one of those cities, and it has managed to retain a lot of its quaint, almost village-like charm, despite being a large and touristic city.

Well known as the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this baroque-style city is an architecture lovers’ dream, set amongst a mountain backdrop of true beauty.

The best hotels in Salzburg are central, allowing you explore the beauty of this historic city much more easily. Having said that, there are many apartments in Salzburg too, so if living more of a traditional day to day life suits you, with a world of freedom regarding eating in or out, then check out what options are available to you.

Discover historic Salzburg

The Hohensalzburg fortress sits overlooking proceedings, which also has the admirable title of the largest fully reserved fortress in central Europe. Google it, it’s true! The fortress is open to the public, so you’re able to head on up and explore, as well as check out the awesome views before you. I guarantee that will be photograph to treasure.

St Peter’s Monastery, Franciscan Church and Collegiate Church are further options for those who are interested in architecture, however those who love their artistic musical history will be heading to the former residence of Mr Mozart himself.

UNESCO felt Salzburg summed up enough culture to name it a World Heritage Site, and the old city and Schronbrunn Palace are the two landmarks that earned this title. The old city especially is really quaint and charming, with twisting alleys to explore.

Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains are both hugely popular, as well as Mozart Square and Residence Square, for a touch of daily life.

Where to stay in Salzburg, Austria

Because getting to Austria won’t cost you the earth, and because accommodation in Salzburg proves plentiful and budget-busting at times, you may find you have a little spare for hitting those shops, and there are plenty! The old city has many modern day chains, as well as more boutique-style shops, in addition to the huge Europark shopping centre, for a true retail therapy hit.

Many people choose to visit Salzburg as a prelude, or conclusion, to a skiing holiday at one of the many resorts nearby. It’s no surprise considering the beautiful and historic city that awaits, and it gives a real two-centre feel to a holiday that is about rest, relaxation, and then a bit of energy thrown in on the slopes.

You won’t struggle to find information on where to stay in Salzburg, with many deals on offer, and something to suit every budget.

Salzburg is where history sits side by side with modern day city life, all within an enviable and stunning natural setting. There aren’t many cities in the world that can boast the alpine backdrop that Salzburg can, and this is one of the many reasons people choose to return year after year.