Klagenfurt, Austria

Hotels in Klagenfurt, Austria

Where to stay in Klagenfurt

Vienna, Salzburg and Graz are huge cities within Austria, however Klagenfurt should not be forgotten. As the sixth largest city in the country, and the capital of the federal state of Carinthia, there is much history, architecture, and other cultural aspects to be explored here.

There is lots of accommodation in Klagenfurt, being a city, and this takes many forms, including large hotels, bed and breakfast, apartments and even hostels. The best hotels in Klagenfurt are predictably in the centre, as this allows you ease of exploration on foot, which is often the best way.

How to choose where to stay in Klagenfurt

If you’re travelling as a couple, then a hotel is up your street, with the perks of being truly looked after. There isn’t much in the way of true nightlife in Klagenfurt however, so don’t worry about being too central for clubs and bars, however there are a few bars dotted around. Entertainment of an evening generally takes the form of theatre, shows and opera, by attending either Konzerthaus for plays, or Stadttheater for operas and musicals. You won’t find an abundance of nightclubs, so it’s more a case of making your own entertainment, or enjoying a delicious meal and a few drinks.

In terms of other city elements, such as shopping, Klagenfurt fares considerably better, with many malls dotted around, and more quaint stores around the cobbled streets. The City Arkaden Klagenfurt is a good tip, with many high street stores and more regional ones too. Perfect for a few souvenirs.

Klagenfurt Old City

Anyone who enjoys admiring various forms of architecture and history will enjoy walking around Klagenfurt, with the city hall a very pretty example, in a square perfect for people spotting. Elegant and white from the outside with a red roof, this is quite typical of many of the buildings in the city, making for an attractive skyline. The Old City and square is a great place to head too, with renaissance style buildings, showing the old charm of yore. Going on, the baroque cathedral should be visited, as well as Viktring Abbey, a former Cistercian monastery. Tentschach and Hallegg castles are both must-visit sites.

On a more history note, Kreuzbergl Nature Park will show you the true beauty of the area, with a viewing tower for some spectacular photographs, and the botanical gardens nearby too, which display many different forms of flora and fauna. A mining museum is also in the area, and an interesting learn about the former industries of the region.

With many cheap hotels in Klagenfurt, and many low cost airlines travelling to Austria, it is becoming more and more possible for many of us to travel and experience the alpine lifestyle of Austria, with scope to travel further too, thanks to a fantastic rail and bus network within the country.

Austria truly does beg to be explored, both in the cities and on the slopes, and for a traditional way of life, Klagenfurt should not be overlooked.