Graz, Austria with clock tower on Schlossberg hillside

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Amongst the major powerhouse cities in Europe, Graz is a quiet giant.

Not so well known, yet highly cultural, historical, and downright beautiful, this Austrian gem is not only the country’s second largest city, but is also jam-packed with more sights to see than many other more well-known cities around the globe.

Accommodation in Graz is plentiful, and with cheap flights, rail tickets, and even coach trips, heading into Austria and over to Graz, the scope to visit this beautiful city is now endless. Aside from hotels, there are also many apartments in Graz that you can rent for the duration of your stay, and this gives a bit more freedom in terms of staying within more homely surroundings. The choice is yours.

History and culture in Graz

The first sight you will no doubt have in your eye line when you truly explore Graz is the huge clock tower on the hillside. This looks down over the city, obviously tells you the time, and will always be in sight. The clock tower remains one of the major landmarks of the city.

The best way to get around the city is by foot, and there are many self-exploration walking tours you can take, by grabbing a map, following the trail, and taking in your surroundings. Alternatively, why not hire a bike and cycle your way around? You’ll find many people do this, and locals also cycle as a way of commuting around the city.

The old town is a historic landmark, and is a designed UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot. The city’s main square is a wonderful place to people watch, and you’ll see fantastic examples of architecture here, with large buildings rising up, almost slightly different pastel colours in certain lights.

Moving on, the glockenspiel is famous, and bursts into song and dance at regular points throughout the day.

When deciding where to stay in Graz, do try and get as central as possible, as despite Graz being a very easy to walk around city, saving your legs will mean you can see more over the course of your stay. Somewhere you should certainly walk if you have the energy is up the trail to the Schlossberg. This is an iconic castle right on the hillside, and yes, there is funicular and lift up to it, but you will miss some fantastic natural scenery if you decide to be lazy, so catch it on the way down instead!

Other attractions in Graz, Austria

It’s not all about the Schlossberg, however much everyone raves about it, as you should also check out Eggenberg Castle and take a tour, explore the many churches around the city and their various architectures, check out museums, head to the cathedral to have your breath taken away, walk leisurely around the botanical gardens, gaze at the opera house, visit the Burg and double spiral staircase, and meander around the Lendplatz Market, just like a traditional farmer. The list goes on.

Of course, grabbing a souvenir or six will be needed; you can’t go home without presents after all! Graz has several large shopping centres, such as Kastner & Ohler, Citypark Graz, and Murpark Graz to name a few, as well as smaller quaint boutique stores to explore. You won’t be short of places to spend your money!

There’s not a lot that Graz doesn’t cater for, and this is just a brief overview. When you get out and about, either on foot or by bike, you’ll truly appreciate the wonder and beauty of this Austrian city.