The Aspendos Bridge

Hotels in Side, Turkey

Side is one of the best resort towns in Turkey and home to some of the most famous sights in the country.  Here you will find everything from ancient ruins to nature tours and the hotels in Side will take care of your accommodation needs.  There are a large number of cheap hotels in Side, as well as a more luxurious Side resort hotel or 5 star hotels in Side.  However, no matter what form of accommodation in Side, Turkey you choose, you will probably spend more time out and about than in your room.

Ancient attractions in Side

The Side Museum was once the location of Roman baths.  During the excavation, Roman statues, marble sarcophaguses and marble friezes were discovered.  These amazing archaeological finds can be visited inside this very museum.

The Greek Amphitheatre is another fantastic site to visit.  Visitors are in awe of its sheer size and the fact that it has been so very well preserved.  The best part is that visitors are able to actually wonder around and aren’t restricted by fenced off areas.

Another wonderful ancient site to visit is the Temple of Apollo.  The massive pillars are an amazing sight to behold and many visitors flock to this major attraction.

Other things to do in Side, Turkey

The Aspendos Bridge is a famous historical site.  Visitors particularly enjoy taking the time to relax and enjoy the sight of the flowing water before leaving this beautiful location.

There are a number of tour facilities and guides in the area.  Nature tours, boat trips and many other options are available.  Depending on your personal preference, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy if you are looking for things to do in Side.  These activities are also great in that they are suitable for the entire family and they allow you to get a well-rounded experience.

Tourists also enjoy treating themselves to some pampering at one of the local wellness facilities.  There is nothing like some much needed stress relief to start your holiday and get you in the perfect frame of mind.  Let these professionals help you leave the stress of your daily life behind and prepare to absorb all the interesting sights that you can.

When searching for where to stay in Side, Turkey and looking for the perfect hotel in Side, do bear in mind that online bookings are fast, easy and you can get great deals at some of the best hotels in Side, Turkey.  Whether you are looking for a cheap hotel or wanting to rent one of the fabulous apartments in Side, Turkey, a thorough search online will reveal all of your affordable accommodation options.