The Bodrum resort hotel

Hotels in Bodrum, Turkey

The port city of Bodrum is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey.  The city has everything to offer its visitors from historical and educational sites to scenic walking areas.  The Bodrum resort hotel, apartments and cheap hotels in Bodrum, Turkey make sure that tourists can always find the perfect form of hotel accommodation according to their budget.

Historical sites and museums in Bodrum

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology is a wonderful place to take the whole family.  It is one of the area’s finest attractions and a great place to learn all about the local history.  When visiting this museum, you will actually be stepping inside the beautiful St Peter’s Castle.  It was built in the early 15th century and houses a large number of fascinating artefacts including some retrieved from shipwrecks.

Another great place to visit is the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA).  Here you will find a large collection of objects and artefacts gathered from the seabed along with a lovely take on the marine life during ancient times.

Many tourists also visit the ancient ruins of the Pedasa Antique City.  In any old city, the ancient ruins are always a big hit among visitors and it allows everyone to get a close look at the old life that once was.  Since it’s only about 4 kilometres from Bodrum, it would be shame not to visit this wonderful historical location.

Things to do in Bodrum, Turkey

When loking for things to do in Bodrum, a walk along Port Bodrum Yalikavak is an absolute must.  If you have plenty of money to spend, the prices here won’t bother you.  However, if you are on a tighter budget, you may want to hold back on the shopping.  That being said, walking and sightseeing are free so go ahead and enjoy a stroll.

Bitez Beach is a small, intimate beach.  That being said, its wonderful clean water makes it a popular destination for many tourists and families.

Small boats in the area offer trips to visit the Bardakci Cove.  It’s a different kind of experience and a relaxing trip out onto the water.  Again, this lovely activity is suitable for the whole family and the views are perfectly soothing.

Whether you decide to book a spot at the Bodrum holiday resort and spa, one of the apartments in Bodrum or at any of the spectacular 5 star hotels in Bodrum, do make sure that you look around online first to find where to stay in Bodrum.  Many of the best hotels in Bodrum, Turkey have special offers, deals and discounts for online bookings.  By saving money on your accommodation in Bodrum, you will have a whole lot more to spend on fun activities at a Bodrum beach resort!