Thai vegetable market

Where to Stay in Thailand

Delightfully exotic, Thailand is waiting to welcome you with open arms and provide one of the best holiday locations in Asia.  Some people come to shop, shop, shop, others to visit the many amazing temples, some to soak up the sun and dive in the azure waters, and yet others come to have a one-on-one elephant experience.  Whatever your preference, there is no lack of accommodation in Thailand to entice you to stay a little longer.  With over 6 thousand hotels in Thailand, including luxury resorts in Thailand, humble bed and breakfast in Thailand and cheap hostels, you will always find suitable accommodation where ever you go in this beautiful and friendly country.

Thailand has long been a backpacker and sun-seeker favourite in Southeast Asia, and if tourist traffic is any indication, its star appeal won’t dim any time soon. As the land of the Emerald Buddha and glittering ‘wats’ or temples, spicy street foods and sumptuous royal cuisine, intriguing floating markets, noisy ‘tuktuks’ or motor taxis, and endless stretch of blinding white sand beaches, Thailand has an unfair share of visitor favourites that make it a must-see destination and a poster country for what exotic kingdoms and tropical vacations are all about. 

Home to refugee hill tribes from neighbouring Burma, the northern mountains of Chiang Mai not only form a natural boundary with Burma and Laos but also a chilly escape for people from Bangkok and the sweltering south. On the other hand, the islands in the south facing the Andaman Sea and the Gulf Thailand have come to mean paradise to beach pilgrims fleeing the freezing temperatures of northern latitudes. The capital itself, Bangkok, is a destination worthy its own separate itinerary as it both beckons with grandeur and bustles with the usual trappings of a congested metropolis.

Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand

Most people enter the country via Bangkok and will be amazed by the diversity of accommodation in Thailand to be found in this city.  All categories of Thailand hotels are represented, and some of the really top-end luxury hotels and resorts in Bangkok are surprisingly in-expensive when compared to equivalent hotels in other major Asian cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong, so this is your chance to splurge out!  There are also many apartments in Thailand and several of the best hotels in Bangkok offer guests large suites with kitchenettes and even washing machines for the same price you would expect to pay for a regular hotel room, making Bangkok a very affordable option for families.

Thailand Accommodation in Pattaya

The very popular beach resort of Pattaya attracts thousands of visitors who are comfortably accommodated in everything from luxury Thailand resorts to simple, budget-friendly cheap hotels in Thailand.  If you enjoy being pampered in luxury hotels in Thailand then the Hilton Pattaya or perhaps the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort are for you.  If you need something a little less expensive, have a look at the Pattaya Bay Resort, Mr Mac’s Hotel, or Loma Resort and Spa, all three of which are highly rated by previous visitors.

Chiang Mai Hotels in Thailand

Chiang Mai also has an incredible variety of Thailand accommodation options to choose from, including everything from luxury Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel and Spa (5-star) to good cheap-and-cheerful guesthouses like Pat’s Klangviang Boutique Guesthouse or Yindee Stylish Guesthouse, both of which have been described as superb.

Thailand Island Resort Accommodation

Thailand’s many Islands are where you will find most of Thailand’s luxury beach resorts.  Some of the very best include Anantara Bophut Resort on Koh Samui, Le Meridien Khao Lak, Mai Samui Beach Resort and Paresa Resort Phuket.  If these are too pricey for you, have a look at Long Beach Chalet on Ko Lanta.  Browse online now and select the best hotels in Thailand and get great Thailand hotel deals or some good cheap accommodation in Thailand.