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Angeles City, a little more than an hour north of the capital city Manila, was once home to the largest American military installation outside of the continental United States until the 1991 eruption of the nearby volcano buried much of the military complex. The constant stream of servicemen gave rise to its seedy nightlife which remains a huge attraction to this day. As of late, it has gentrified itself as the entertainment capital of the Philippines filled with golf and race courses, stables, casinos, spas and resorts in Angeles City, Pampanga.

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And kick off on a Culinary Tour

As an emerging tourist destination with plenty of cheap hotels in Angeles City that are within walking distance of landmarks, Angeles snags unsuspecting visitors with its groaning table of exotic cuisine that sounds foreign even to the rest of the “balut”-loving country. Pampanga, the province to which the city belongs, has long been famous for its culinary inventiveness. The installation of the US military bases after WWII enhanced the locals’ kitchen resourcefulness, making the most of discarded pig parts from the American bases and turning them into one of the Philippines favourite side dishes, the high-cholesterol “sisig” that goes well with both commercial and locally crafted alcoholic drinks.

Even without its other attributes, Angeles would still make an excellent landing point to embark on a food tour. The concentration of hotels in Angeles City, Phillipines lies along Manuel Roxas Highway which is the same highway you drive down from Clark airport, and the terminus of buses driving up from Manila one hour to the south. Brace for some really exotic dishes; unlike the simplicity of “balut” which is just boiled duck embryo, the Kapampangans have made delicacies of frogs (stuffed), duck and dog (stewed), and mole crickets (sautéed). “Sisig” is made from pig jowls and brains.

Outdoor adventures from hotels in Angeles City, Pampanga

Angeles’ proximity to the former Clark Air Base has also made it the aviation center of the Philippines for hobbyists. Subic Bay, which faces the South China Sea less than 90 minutes away, is the former naval depot of the United States for the entire West Pacific. Today, the Subic Bay Freeport Zone beckons with adventures on and underwater. Not only does the bay teem with marine life, it is also populated with some of the most tragic maritime disasters during WWII. So if you are into shipwreck diving, Subic Bay should be on the top of your list.

The offshoot of the Mount Pinatubo eruption, after the dust settled, is tourism. An obscure lump of weathered mountain before the 1991 event, Mount Pinatubo may have buried some of the hotels in Angeles City but at the same time transformed itself into a sparkling emerald lake after the upheaval. Lake Pinatubo has since attracted kayakers and hordes of photography enthusiasts; a not-your-typical adrenaline rush beckons on off-road, jeep adventures over ‘lahar’ landscapes in Sapangbato, otherwise known as Fort Stotsenburg, hometown of The Black Eyed Peas member Throw in some “Bebot” moves and then wash off volcanic ash and soothe sore muscles in nearby Puning Hot Springs. Book your accommodation in Angeles City online to find where to stay in Angeles City; whilst finding the best hotels in Angeles City for you; or great Angeles City hotel deals.