Orang Utan in Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Sarawak

Hotels in Kuching, Malaysia

Where to stay in Kuching for the best accommodation

The City of Kuching, Malaysia was previously known as the City of Sarawak and is the capital of the states of Sarawak.  The city has a thriving tourism industry and this can largely be attributed to the warm weather conditions and plenty of interesting sights and activities.  The various types of accommodation in Kuching also make it a destination that anyone can afford to visit.  From luxury hotel rooms to cheap hostels and everything in between, tourists can always find the perfect place to stay.  There are even beach resorts in Kuching and holiday rentals to choose from.

Outdoor activities and wildlife

Apart from the annual monsoon season, the weather in Kuching is perfect for spending time outdoors.  There are a number of wildlife reserves that are definitely worth visiting if you and your fellow travellers would like to get a closer look at some of the world’s most fascinating creatures.  The Semenggoh Nature Reserve, The Great Orangutan Project and the Matang Wildlife Centre are just some of the local favourites and each of which focusses both on education as well as wildlife conservation.

The Sarawak Orchid Garden and the Kubah National Park are perfect for spending the day surrounded by nature and enjoying plenty of fresh air. 

If you fancy a day at the beach, then you should definitely visit Damai Central.  Here, you can enjoy the sea and sun with the added advantage of having a multi-purpose complex nearby.

Another great sight to see are the Fairy Caves.  If you do go, however, it is highly recommended that you are accompanied by a trained guide.  You can visit them on your own but there’s so much to see and learn from local guide.  Many important sights in the caves can easily be missed otherwise.

Landmarks, historic sites, museums and more

There are plenty of landmarks and historic sites to see when visiting Kuching.  These include the Sarawak Cultural Village, Fort Margherita, Kuching Esplanade and the Kuching Civic Centre.

Some of the top museums in the city include the Chinese Museum, the Sarawak Museum, the Textile Museum and the unusual Cat Museum.  A trip to any of these museums will give you that much more insight into the local culture and history.

There are also some interesting sites of religious importance such as the Kuching Mosque, the Tua Pek Kong and the Islamic Museum.  Of course, it is important to note that you do not need to share their faith in order to appreciate the architectural excellence of many of their religious buildings. 

Before making your final decision about where to stay in Kuching, make sure that you plan your trip and all the sights you want to see.  By doing so, you will be able to budget properly for both accommodation, meals, activities and let’s not forget shopping!