Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Tea Fields, Will Ellis

Hotels in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands is the oldest tourist area in  Malaysia.  Thanks to the moderate to warm climate and the various types of accommodation in the Cameron Highlands, it is the kind of destination that will suit everyone’s budget and make for an enjoyable getaway.  The best part about this area is the fact that you will spend your time in some of the most beautiful natural surroundings. When choosing where to stay in the Cameron Highlands, you will be pleased to see just how many different forms of accommodation are available. 

Top outdoor sights and activities

The Mossy Forest in Brinchang is one of the main outdoor attractions.  There are a number of boardwalks and staircases for you to conquer before reaching the main attraction – a close view of the moss covered trees at eye level.

There are a number of popular scenic hiking trails in the area.  Of which, the Cameron Highlands Trail No. 3, 9 and 10 in Tanah Rata and the Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1 in Brinchang are the most popular among tourists and first time visitors in particular.

You can also choose to hike or drive Gunung Brinchang to enjoy the mountains.  Either way, the views are spectacular and it’s also important to note that this is the highest mountain in the area.

Gunung Irau (Mount Irau) in Brinchang is another popular mountain to visit as is Thompson Falls.

Other things to do in the Cameron Highlands

The Rose Centre in Brinchang, Tan’s Camellia Garden in Tanah Rata and Cactus Valley are also great places to visit and enjoy some of the most beautiful plants and greenery.

The Cameron Highlands Butterfly Garden is as much fun for adults as it is for young children which makes this a perfect experience for the whole family.

Other attractions include the Time Tunnel Museum in Brinchang, the Agro Technology Park in MARD (Tanah Rata) and Cameron Highlands discover the history in Tanah Rata.