Toshima, Japan

Hotels in Toshima, Japan

Where to stay in Toshima for accommodation

Toshima is an area located in the Tokyo metropolis and it’s one of the eight central wards of the Tokyo metropolitan area.  Technically, it is a ward but many refer to Toshima as an actual city and, with a wide variety of sights and attractions, it attracts many tourists on a regular basis.  For the most part, when you are looking for where to stay in Toshima; the accommodation in Toshima is very reasonably priced and some may even say that many of the hotels in Toshima are quite cheap.

Top things to do in Toshima

The Sunshine 60 Observatory is one of the most popular attractions.  The view of the city is simply amazing during the day and night.  It’s the ideal opportunity to view the city you are visiting from above and take some memorable photos too.

The Sunshine Aquarium is a relatively small aquarium but certainly worth visiting.  It is particularly great for those families with young and curious children.

The Namco Namjatown and J-WORLD TOKYO are indoor amusement parks and they are particularly great for those days when the weather isn’t all that pleasant outside.

Another popular activity when visiting any city in Japan is, of course, shopping!  Places like Sugamo Jozo-dori Shops are always busy with plenty of merchants ready to sell you something.  Take your time while shopping in order to get the best deals.

Interesting Toshima sites and attractions to visit

There’s plenty of room for learning in Toshima.  There are a number of important landmarks, museums and places of interest. 

Local religious sites include Kishimojin and the Togenukijizo Kogan Temple.  Visiting such sites will give you some important insight into the local religious beliefs, culture and history.

Some of the most interesting museums include the Zoshigaya Missionary Museum, the Ancient Orient Museum and the Japan Mint Tokyo Museum.

If you wish to spend some time outdoors and enjoy greener surroundings, you can visit the Mejiro Garden or the Hanano Rakuen Garden.  It’s the ideal place for those with kids to let them run, play and use up some of their energy.