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One cannot think of the city of Hiroshima, Japan without remembering the catastrophic events that took place on August 6, 1945.  After the massive destruction of the city, rebuilding proved to be a huge undertaking but, nonetheless, the city overcame all odds and is now thriving as an even stronger city than before.  With so many visitors travelling to Hiroshima on vacation or business, it’s also encouraging to see how the local hotels cater for the masses.  Visitors can choose from various forms of local accommodation in Hiroshima from fine 5 star hotels to hostels, depending on their needs and budget.

Things to do in Hiroshima

While on vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend too much time in your room.  The whole point of your trip is to get out there and experience your new and exciting surroundings.  Living in such a lively city is particularly fascinating for those who lead more suburban or rural lifestyles and the high energy that flows through the streets is wonderfully contagious.

In terms of cultural sights and for those who would like to discover more about the events that took place on August 6, 1945, you can visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, among several other memorials, monuments and sights. 

Of course, after all that rather hard hitting history, it is probably time to take a break from educational sights and have some fun.  Take a trip to the Asa Zoological Park to enjoy the positive energy that the animals will send your way.  It’s also a great attraction for younger travellers who may not grasp the full effect of various cultural sights.

Once the evening sets in and you are looking for a good place to rest your feet without missing out on any action, then make your way to the Shimizu Gekijo Theater.  The theater hosts several shows that will keep you entertained all the way before you finally head back to your hotel suite.

Shopping on your trip to Hiroshima

For a truly authentic local shopping experience, make your way to Hiroshima Hon Dori Shotengai.  This is the biggest shopping area in the city and, while it attracts many local and foreign shoppers, the high ceilings ensure that you don’t feel overcrowded.  Remember, the more you save by snagging that irresistibly cheap hotel deal in Hiroshima, the more you will be able to spend on gifts and souvenirs!

The Pacela Mall is another ideal place to do some shopping and the play areas are great for keeping the little ones happy too.  Indoor activities like a trip to the mall are perfect when the weather does not allow for outdoor fun.  Save your walks in the many Hiroshima parks for sunny days so that you can really appreciate your lush green surroundings.

If you don’t have any little ones travelling along with you, then you may wish to check out the local nightlife.  Look up online reviews to find the best clubs, bars and similar establishments that suit your preferences.  With plenty to keep you busy day and night, your Hiroshima hotel bed will be the last thing on your mind!