Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

Hotels in Hyderabad, India

The IT capital of India, Hyderabad is famously known in computer-speak as ‘Cyberabad.’ Once the seat of the independent Nazim or state ruler (which relinquished its sovereignty only in the mid-20th century), Hyderabad has enjoyed silver spoon upbringing since birth. After all, the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond came from the treasury of the sixth and seventh Nazims who were, during their time, the richest men on the planet. Today, much of that 400-year-old history is tucked away from plain view, with the urban sprawl of glass facades, flyovers, traffic jams, imposing office towers of Google and Microsoft, and the hundreds of hotels in Hyderabad usurping your first glance.

Historic places to visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad seemed to have been born with opulence in its veins; it was once a trading hub for pearls and diamonds – hence, the Koh-i-Noor – and this bit of commerce still goes on in Laad or Chudi Bazaar, also popular for lacquer bangles, which goes five centuries back during the time of the Turkic dynasty Qutb Shahi.

Just across all the sheen and shimmer of cyber-economy is Hyderabad’s glorious 400-year-old past tucked away in Old Hyderabad filled with centuries-old mosques, palaces, museums and tombs. If you want to hear from the horse’s mouth what happened to whom and where, seek out the assistance of the old Muslim guide who learned from his centenarian grandmother everything there is to know about the Golconda Fort, the seat of Qutb Shahi.

Where to stay in Hyderabad

The Old City is filled with diamond-studded past and 5 star hotels in Hyderabad India. The Taj Falaknuma, then a sumptuous palace, is now a luxury hotel. Another 5-star accommodation, Taj Krishna Hyderabad, is right in the middle of action, especially shopping.

To escape traditional India on short notice, you should head to Secunderabad to the north. This was traditionally a British cantonment, so the ambiance is more attuned to Western tastes. There’s a plethora of budget hotels in Hyderabad in this district; as well as budget hostels in Hyderabad.  Most long-termers find suitable accommodation here, in large part because of its proximity to a more familiar subculture.

Serviced apartments in Hyderabad are aplenty, considering its burgeoning population of professionals in the IT industry. These are concentrated on the west bank of the man-made lake Hussain Sagar and extends 10 kilometres farther west.

Dive right into the melting pot of north and south Indian cultures by exploring the south banks of the Musi River. The tombs of ancient rulers are within the vicinity of the Golconda Fort; one of the best resorts in Hyderabad is nearby. This district is interspersed with pleasant gardens, one of which is appropriately named Bagh-e-aam or the Garden for the Commoners.