Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Where to Stay in China

For first time visitors planning a trip to China can be quite daunting; there is just so much to see and do, and trying to fit it all into one trip can be rather difficult due to the large distances between the major noteworthy attractions.  One thing you can rest assured about, however, is that everywhere you go there will be accommodation in China to suit every budget. In the past, making a hotel booking in China was fraught with problems – many of the smaller hotels or apartments in China did not have websites, or you were faced with a receptionist who could not speak English. Today this has changed a great deal and in recent years there has been huge growth in the number of international hotel chains with representation in China, with hotels in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other main centres. Now you can make a China hotel booking online, right here on our site. 

You will find that there are all kinds of accommodation in China to choose from; hostels in China are plentiful and you can also choose to rent an apartment in China if you prefer a little extra space and the self-catering option that cheap hotels in china do not have.  On the other hand, you may prefer the best hotels in China which offers guests all the little extras; you will not be disappointed in your options at the top-end of the accommodation in China bracket, and there are many top-class luxury hotels in China just waiting to pamper you and show you true China hospitality. 

Hotels in China

As far as places to stay in China, Beijing will probably be at the top of many visitors’ must-see list.  Here you can venture along the Great Wall of China, see the infamous Tiananmen Square and be amazed by the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven.  The best China hotels in Beijing include the sumptuous Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng and the St. Regis Beijing, both exuding 5-star luxury.  If you are looking for a great cheap hotel in China, Beijing has some great hostels, including Qingfeng Youlian Inn, and the Flowering House Hostel.  In between the two extremes there are hundreds of excellent mid-range hotels to choose from;  the Elite Hutong Courtyard and the Hutongren Courtyard Hotels are both very popular and very inexpensive.

Xi’an draws thousands of visitors to see the Terracotta Army, the beautiful pagodas, temples and the Muslin Quarter.  Xi’an is home to no less than 33 of the 5-star hotels in China, but also has a good selection of hostels, apartments and cheap hotels for you to choose from.  Try the Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Resort or the Paradise resort for some luxury, or one of the many inexpensive mid-range hotels such as the Jinjiang Inn Xi’an Village or the Fuhai Mingdu Hotel, both highly recommended.

Shanghai is a glimpse of modern cosmopolitan China at its best.  With nearly 200 5-star hotels in China situated in Shanghai, you will be spoilt for choice.  Some of the best Shanghai accommodation hotels are the Intercontinental Shanghai Expo hotel and the Les Suites Orient Bund Shanghai.

Make your China hotels reservation online now and be sure to get the very best deal on accommodation in China.